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Tree Planting in Tucson

As a natural transition, Chris and Amanda's Tree Service in Tucson, Az is here to help with your Tree Planting needs, replacing the one that was removed and helping you with your landscape design.

We are Trained Tree Arborist from Tucson, Arizona that understand the proper way to do Tree Planting according to ISA Regulations and ANSI A300 Planting Standards. This practice normally insures that the roots will be properly anchored. Our education as Tree Care Specialist taught us to dig the right shape holes to encourage the roots to penetrate the soil at the right angle and we use the right mix of organic material to native soil depending on the plant. The end result is that our Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona will give you having a "Happy Tree". 

We have a great archive of video’s on how to plant a tree in Tucson along with different types of Tree’s to Plant in Tucson on Chris and Amanda’s Tucson Facebook page and YouTube Tucson Tree Service channel that will help you with your decision.

In addition to Tree Planting we can offer you the latest in Mulching, Well Building and Irrigation. Our Tree Removal staff is ready to help you choose a tree that will thrive in its location and be less likely to cause you problems down the line. We can help find the right tree by understand your needs and helping you make an informed decision. I would venture to say that no other Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona has cut as many tree's in the last 5 years as our Tree Arborist, Whether it has been Tree Removal, Tree Trimming or Advanced Tree Care in Tucson. That bulk amount of Tree Service experience has allowed us to acquire the best set of data when it comes to good Tree Planting in Tucson, Arizona. Going to the nursery you may get told some bad information by an employee that is more concerned about pushing inventory. While their intentions may be good it is best to have a Tree Service that can take all factors into consideration and have the experience of Tree Trimming, Tree Removal and Tree Planting of all the Tree's in Tucson, Arizona..

Here at TRST you can have the owner help you with the decision. Small town values with big city capabilities. We have franchised ourselves being native Tucsonian's and competed in the biggest Tree Markets in the world. The end result is that you get all of the education, training and trade secrets that we have gained allowing you to get the best in the business. No Longer do you have to fall prey to the often poor contractors in Tucson who have no competition and no need to strive for perfection. We will try our best for you and give you every bit of effort we have.

Tree and Shrub Care begins the basics of Tree Landscaping in Tucson, AZ and we would love to show you why we are voted yearly as the best Tree Service in Tucson. We provide reliable Tucson Tree Services on every Tree Removal job. Tree Removal Service Tucson works with each person to ensure that every Tree Service is performed exactly to the customers liking. Before we get started on any project, we will evaluate your needs, discussing all the Tree Care options available to you by our Tucson Arborist.

Tucson, Arizona is one of the most beautiful places to be in this great county. With the mountains framing the city and unbelievable sunsets and wildlife, we feel that what really sets Tucson apart is the plants. From the smallest flowering cactus to the large velvet mesquite we have a balanced eco-system that needs responsible maintenance. Using our Tree Service used either by Tree Trimming, Tree Removal or Tree Planting helps keep Tucson beautiful for years to come. We truly have the Old Pueblo in mind!

Call to Start Your Renovation of Tree Planting Today!

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