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Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt! (Tucson Fire)

Posted on March 31, 2018 at 9:14 AM Comments comments (0)
Fire in Tucson, AZ!For years we have written blogs trying to help our community with free advice. I wanted to start a new blog called Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt. It is a chance to share some of our crazy experiences that make us the best Tree Company in Tucson, giving us the depth of knowledge to be prepared for anything, because we have seen everything.
Firefighting is not on my list of things to do when I go to a job but I have found that I am ready for it if the need arises. Years ago we had our Crane out to remove this palm tree on a summer morning in Tucson. I should have known something was out of place when half the fronds from the dead skirt had been place in the alley. Anyhow, I got my straps set, hooked the tree to the crane and started to cut. About 3/4 of the way through I had to stop to reposition and left the saw (turned off) in the cut. The crane had the palm hoisted so I was not worried about it going anywhere. I talked to my crane guy about the change and went back to start cutting. Starting my saw I heard the crane horn blow and groundsmen hollering at me, I went to see what was wrong. Fire was shooting out of the top of the palm skirt. We scrambled like crazy to get hoses, and contain what turned into a 35 foot blaze. We were able to keep it under control until the fire department arrived and later safely removed on burnt, black palm tree.
Before Tree Service
It turns out the customer had been trying to fight of a wasp nest before we came out. Whatever he sprayed on it turned into an accelerant that went up quick from the spark of my muffler on the saw. In addition, trying to get to the wasp's nest he thinned the skirt aerating it which caused it to go up in flames quick. I am glad we reacted quickly and we are thankful that no one was hurt. One thing you can be sure of, we will be ready for whatever unexpected event arises!

Before Cutting...

....After Fire

Thank you Ron Barber

Posted on March 31, 2018 at 8:47 AM Comments comments (0)
Thank you Ron BarberFor so many years of working and living here in Tucson me and Amanda have met some of the most memorable people. Tucson is a community full of Loving people who all appreciate the Old Pueblo and all it has to offer. On behalf of all the people I know, we would like to thank Ron Barber for his service to our Community. After loosing Gabrielle Giffords Ron was a light of hope and his most admirable quality is that he lives here with us and is one of us. For years I have ran into him here or there and have sang his praises for being a grass roots candidate and heartfelt representative of Tucson. We all can appreciate someone who steps up in a time of need and sacrifices his time and future to represent us. THANK YOU RON BARBER. After working for one of his children (another local Tucsonian), I got a chance to work for Ron and have continued that relationship. Sadly Ron is not going to run again but I encourage all of us to thank him and Nancy for putting Tucson first and showing the rest of the world that we are a community united. So the next time you see him changing his tires or changing his oil, thank him and show support for on of the many treasures we have here in Tucson.

Pine Bark beetle ravishes Tucson Arizona, what can you do?

Posted on February 23, 2015 at 2:17 PM Comments comments (0)
Pine Bark beetle ravishes Tucson Arizona. What can you do?
Pine Bark beetle ravishes Tucson Arizona. What can you do?Years ago while cutting through a dead pine I cut through a cluster of live larvae. I took a picture which you can see on one of my other blogs. At that time more "educated arborist's" with the U of A scoffed and said "there is no pine beetles in Tucson, it's another illness killing the pines" I smiled, insulted and went on about my business. 

Many years later now everyone is scrambling trying to save their tree. Dead pines everywhere and the beetle to blame. In 3 months tree's go from live to dead and we are cutting down a record rate of dead pines almost akin to the other tree damage seen from the freeze in 2010/2011. I estimate the economic impact will be greater than the freeze of 2010/2011.

What can you do to save your Pine tree?

First and foremost Water. The beetle is more likely to go to dehydrated Pine tree's as the healthy wet ones cause a problem with sap filling the holes. This is not a guarantee, but your odds are much better. If you ask, "how do I water it" please read some of our other blogs on watering and tree health. I have witnessed watering the drip line and using some of the other local Arborist's advice will leave your tree dead. After establishing a watering schedule that is suitable you may want to find your way to the hardware store and search for a Bayer product in a blue jug. Use the liquid 2 in 1 insecticide and feed. Using the granules leaves insecticide above ground that can be harmful to pets/animals. Follow the directions and plan on doing it 2x over the first month then yearly after that. It is a practice that dedicated Mesquite Tree owners do continually to keep borer's out of their mesquites. 

If you feel that the maintenance is more than you have time for we would be happy to help you with this service and get your tree's in good health. See the many ways that our Tucson Tree Service contributes in every way possible by reading more of our blogs. Thanks for tuning in!

4 Time Winner of Angie's List Super Service Award!

Posted on January 28, 2015 at 3:34 PM Comments comments (0)
4 Time Winner of Angie's List Super Service Award!

We are proud to be named, for the 4th year in a row, the Super Service Award Winner for Angies List. Since me and Amanda started Tree Removal Service Tucson it has been a non stop challenge to provide the quality and service that we know Tucson deserves. 

Receiving this Award is something we do not take lightly and want to thank all of the Members Who have voted for us over the years. 

It is our goal to provide the best Tree Service in Tucson and continually try to advance our craft and provide more state of the art service to Tucsonians. From all of us here at Tree Removal Service Tucson we want to thank everyone who has had a part of us becoming who we are today. We are so proud to be a fixed part of Tucson that people can count on.

Tree Service in Tucson gives Recognition to Actor for Charitable Donations.

Posted on September 3, 2014 at 4:58 PM Comments comments (0)
Tree Service in Tucson gives Recognition to Actor for Charitable Donations.Tree Service in Tucson gives Recognition to Actor for Charitable Donations.

We wanted to say thanks to David Spade for his Donation to the Phoenix Police department and other Arizona Charities. 

Here at Tree Removal Service Tucson we know the value of giving. After doing our donation, Removing the Oleanders at the Zoo, we received so much support from local Tucsonian's and have for years since then. It has helped us understand the need for all of us to give thanks to those able to help others.

Often most of our good deeds go unnoticed, for all the people who have given to our Community and it has gone unseen, we want to say thank you. Tucson and Arizona is in need of all of us uniting together to try and make our neighborhoods better places to live for generations to come. 

Tree Service in Tucson, AZ is often exhausting. Over the years we have done Tree Trimming and Tree Removal in Tucson for thousands of people. I have had a chance to meet so many Tucsonian's and feel privileged to be someone that they call with trust. Even though we can not donate charitably al the time, we all can donate by doing our jobs with our best effort. This is what we do here at Tree Removal Service Tucson. Whether Tree Trimming or Serving others in your line of work, I hope we all can see the need to give our very best to Tucson, Arizona.

How To save your Tree from Monsoon Storms in Tucson?

Posted on June 20, 2014 at 12:42 AM Comments comments (0)
Tucson has a unique eco system that is unlike any other having challenges that can not be answered by textbook knowledge. Fortunately here at Tree Removal Service Tucson we have put our education to use with the hundreds of thousands of jobs we have completed to offer Tucsonian's the most sound advice on How To save your Tree from Monsoon Storms in Tucson.

Every year thousands of tree's in Tucson get blown over and suffer massive storm damage that puts a financial hardship on those effected. The cost of damage in Tucson can be measured in Millions and the impact is one that we should take seriously attempting to be as prudent as possible. 

The first step I would like to cover is not watering your tree during active monsoon times. Every year we work for people who have tree's fall over with no wind as a culprit. These tree's go down at the end of monsoon season when the soil has been saturated excessively and the tree literally falls over. Not watering your tree during monsoon can help keep the soil hard and roots well anchored.
Secondly you want to evaluate your tree and risk. Some tree's are more likely to fracture while others outright have a risk of falling over. Knowing your tree will allow you to properly trim, treat and feed your tree based on the risk. Always have your tree cared for by a Trained Arborist Licensed with the ROC. This is difficult at times because Arizona does not list Tree Trimming/Maintenance as a licensed field. A few of us have Tree Planting/Landscape and Irrigation Licenses but there is a large group that operates without State Licensing/Training. A trained Arborist will help you to understand the risk associated with trimming techniques. Very often I have seen tree's thinned out by other Tree Service Providers with the homeowners intention being to allow wind to pass through and avoid Monsoon Damage. This is a rookie mistake most times as the branches become exposed and the wind can isolate pressure on 1 branch and break it. Most times a little bit of a dense crown can allow for bunching and each branch can provide support for the ones around it, kind of like a kite effect. So Thinning increases the chance of a branch breaking while leaving the tree a little dense can increase the risk of the whole tree being blown over. This is were knowing your tree comes in handy. A live pine tree rarely if ever breaks a branch that falls to the ground, almost always the branch breaks but due to the nature of the wood it stays in tack suspended by the tree. Pine tree's do have a shallow root system that allows them to be blown over in Micro Bursts and thus properly thinning a healthy Pine tree is a good choice to avoid monsoon damage. On the reverse side Palo Verde trees have brittle wood and break branches that fall free to the ground much more frequently, while their root system when properly structured often can withstand a monsoon storm. (with that said many palo verdes blow over) A good example of this would be the work we did for American Airlines a few years ago. Dozens of mesquites and palo verdes were damaged and what we found was that the palo verdes had been ripped in half and the top crown thrown 50 feet in some cases while the mesquites blew completely over. A Palo Verde would be a candidate to not thin out but focus more on root stimulation to advance root growth and try to develop an already good foundation. There are exceptions to the rule but I hope you get my point.

The next area you want to look for is health. If you see little gold sap bubbles on your mesquite tree it is not normal. What you have is Boring style insects penetrating the tree and tunneling around the cambium layer weakening the flow of nutrients to the outer ends and weakening the strength of the branch. An addition insect that is killing Tucson tree's is Grubs. They often are under the root ball of the tree eating the small fibrous roots causing nutrient and structural deficiencies. These insects are easily treatable by your Arborist or some over the counter products at you hardware store. A unique need of Tucson is proper watering. If your problem is advanced I recommend calling a Licensed and Trained Arborist.

The next misunderstood issue is Guying and Rigging. As it is a viable option to help your tree I do not recommend it. If you install wires they are to be maintained every 6 months with the tension being adjusted. Most times the tree's get choked from lack of maintenance and excessive tension is put on these lines causing a further risk down the road. In addition, if your young tree falls over in a storm, do not steak it back up. The lack of proper planting initially has caused a structural problem and 95% of the time it is not correctable. You can not add big anchor roots on the side you need them and the result will be a tree that needs to be removed later. Planting a tree is something that is done improperly by most Landscapers and Nurseries give horrible advice. The ISA recommends planting in a trenched hole meaning that the sides should be tapered out forming a 45 degree angle then mixing 1/3 to 2/3's organic mix to native soil. The benefit is the tree will grow roots out and gradually be forced to penetrate the hard soil with out a chance or choice to change direction. If you dig a hole 2X the size of the pot with vertical walls the tree will most likely become root bound as when the roots hit the hard wall they will change direction and ruin your chance for a properly anchored tree. A little known fact is that 90% of a tree's root system is in the top 12" of soil. This makes it highly important to plant properly. 

Water your tree properly. Tucson is in a drought like none other, our tree's are dying at a rapid rate and often I find that people do not know what to do. If you drive around Town you will see Thousands of dead tree's and Thousands more that are dehydrated. The majority of Tree Born illnesses are derived from dehydration. This means that if your tree is not properly watered it becomes prone to Insects, Micro organisms and Parasites of all kind. Often the mis information leads to local myths which are not true like watering the drip line of the tree. With the watering a drip line education it is assumed that the whole area is being watered. In Tucson you will never water the root ball due to our dry environment and hard soil. We here at Tree Removal Service Tucson have unearthed a Local technique that will save you water and help your tree's flourish. Do not listen to your Landscaper about how much irrigation a tree needs. Most times they are completely negligent in this are. Take the time to have a trained Arborist out and add proper 14 Gallon emitters to your existing system and properly extend the lines to reach the base of the tree. Our long history of Tree Trimming in Tucson has given us a lot of data that we want to pass on to you.

Here at Tree Removal Service Tucson we pride ourselves in getting information out there to teach others and that is going to help all of us keep this town a great place for generations to come. Lets all learn more about saving tree's in monsoons, watering and caring for our tree properly and understanding the need to hire a Trained Arborist who is licensed by the ROC.

Tree Planting in Tucson, Arizona

Posted on May 19, 2014 at 8:39 PM Comments comments (0)
How to plant a Tree in Tucson?

Tree Planting in Tucson has a bad rap for a good reason. In my Training as an Arborist I learned the proper way to plant a tree and rarely see it in practice. Even Nurseries often provide inferior advice and leave you with a tree that never takes, or blows over in a Monsoon storm. Full neighborhoods are developed with improper tree's planted and planted in an improper location. Why? Well for 2 reasons.

1. Textbook knowledge, when not applied with on the job real life experience in our environment, has little place. some simple examples would be the teaching to water the drip line of a tree. In Tucson with hard soil and dry climate if you water the drip line you will not get water to the most important part of the tree... the root ball. When the textbook teaches the drip line watering technique, it is assumed that the whole center area of the circumference is also getting watered, not so in Tucson. I have followed dedicated watering systems put in by other Landscapers only to have the owner tell me what poor results they have had. Within 3 months our Proven Technique can make the changes needed to feed the tree properly according to our environment. This is one example of textbook knowledge not being very useful with out real life common sense added to the equation. I have many other examples but will not go in depth on this article.

2. Developments are built and planted with the final decisions being made by general contractors. The price and bottom line drives the cost and the Landscaper is under the pressure to make the General happy and overlook the proper planting techniques if the Landscaper even knows them. Tucson is a small town and often the lack of competition allows inferior companies to stay in business, often Unlicensed ones who say they are licensed speaking of a 10$ business license not a ROC License by the State. This is also a long article that I may write at a later time.

Lets get to the task at hand, Tree Planting in Tucson, Arizona.

What can you do? Well hire a Licensed Tree Planting Contractor if you need help. If you would like to do it yourself I will provide you some sound tips. 

A. 90% of a Tree's root system are in the top 12 inches of soil. So when you go to the nursery they recommend digging a hole 2x as deep as the pot. I disagree, A good foot or so below will be fine. Tucson is not full of Tap rooting tree's. Your next step is width, the recommend 2x the size of the pot, I disagree. Following their directions will give you a hole to plop your tree in, due to our hard soil you will have a tree that is root bound, the roots will run into your vertical walls and change direction going for the path of least resistance often changing direction and heading the opposite direction than the one they should be to give the tree structure, and believe it or not, this type of planting leads to surface roots and tipped tree's in monsoons. According to ISA Reg's you are supposed to trench a hole with the vertical walls being almost a 45% angle to the bottom, This provides and environment that the roots will keep heading in the right direction ad gradually penetrate the soil, remember 90% of roots are in in the top 12 inches.

B. Next step is soil mix. You want to be 1/3 to 1/2 Organic mix and the remainder native soil. With this said watch the type of tree, some need drained rocky soil and others soil that retain water, so use the proper organic mix. Generally I recommend fertilizing with liquid fertilizers the bottom of the hole to make the hard edges nutrient rich. When planting you want you root collar to be level with the soil grade before excavation. 

C. Once your tree is planted you must water, water, water! The amount varies but do not listen to just anyone about how much. I have heard advice given by Certified Arborist in Tucson that borders on Tree Suicide. This is and area that I would involved and accredited Licensed Contractor and Arborist. I recommend our feeding plan which involver a dirt well, Liquid Fertilizers, Mulch (a fresh ground mix from our company, big chip stuff from stores and other Arborist's have little to no value, Our company has healed 1,000's of tree's and have a proven system and trade secret to producing Nitrogen rich formula) and a Proven Watering Plan.

D. Most important is selection. What Kind of Tree do you want to plant? This is a decision that is needing much thought. I am not perfect but I can say that our company has compiled 10's of Thousands of problem Tree Removals to allow us to help with a proper planting selection. A lot of this must be considered. What do you desire? Shade, Privacy, Color, Long term, Short Term, Water needs or Drought resistant, aggressive roots, cold tolerant etc. You can see why a consoling from an Arborist with experience and massive amounts of data is needed. I am sure that the Local Tucson Arborist at Tree Removal Service Tucson can help you with your Tree Planting Needs.

I have watched tree's in 2 months go from a 15 gallon tree that they say will drop its fruit but go on to produce the Largest fruit with our plan, I have also seen massive amounts of growth and countless happy Tucsonian's. I hope that the advice I have given you will help in your Tree Planting in Tucson, Arizona. As always we are here to help.

3 Time Angie's List Super Service Award winner!

Posted on December 22, 2013 at 12:37 PM Comments comments (0)
3 Time Angie's List Super Service Award winner!

For the 3rd year in a row, Tree Removal Service Tucson has won the Super Service Award from Angie's List. We want to thank everyone that has made this possible including the wonderful AL Members that we have met and developed lifelong relationships with. Without you none of this would have been possible. It has been our passion to offer the best that we are capable of for the Tucson community, and winning this award means more than you would ever know. 

Tucson is a small market with the hometown feel and being here since 85 and my wife a native, we feel an obligation to our community to offer the best and not fall in line with the Tucson norm. Again, thank you from the bottom of our heart! We hope to continue as a leading Tree Service in Tucson.

Is your Mesquite or Acacia dying from Borer's?

Posted on November 23, 2013 at 7:58 PM Comments comments (0)
Is your Mesquite or Acacia dying from Borer's?Is your Mesquite or Acacia dying from Borer's? Well I would have put a picture of the evidence but it is hard to get a good picture that shows up on camera. The picture beside is a tree that was topped (an unrecognized practice by the ISA). The end result will be a lot of boring insects tunneling into the cambium layer from the excessive damage.

How do you know if your tree is damaged? Well very simply look for little gold sap bubbles on the bark of the tree. Generally these will be above head level on the large branches. These little gold sap bubbles are a sure sign that a borer has gotten in. Once in it will tunnel holes in the cambium layer and prevent the flow of nutrition eventually weakening the tree until it succumbs to other micro organism's, pest's and environmental factors. Do not be confused, black sap running from a mesquite is natural, not a concern, but the gold sap bubbles not. On sweet acacia's it is a little different as the little sap bubbles are actually a darker sap and not a hard gold bubble like the mesquite. An experience Tree Trimming company should be able to point them out.

What can you do? Well there are treatment's available, but it is best to call the lead Arborist at Tree Removal Service Tucson as you may need additional feeding to help the tree through the treatment. We are a top Tree Removal company here to help and hope that this helped you answer the question, Is your Mesquite or Acacia dying from Borer's? As Tucson's Leading Tree Removal provider we have expanded to be a leader in Tree Trimming and advanced Tree Care.

Do you have Grubs in your Tucson Tree?

Posted on November 23, 2013 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (0)
Do you have Grubs in your Tucson Tree?Do you have Grubs in your Tucson Tree?

If you are asking the question, "Why do I have to pay for Tree Trimming every year to clean dead" you probably have grubs.

Often I have run into concerns and signs of grubs. Tucson is full of grubs, combined with drought, other parasites and micro organisms, we have more dead and dying tree's than any other city of this size.

Grubs often feed and live under a lot of our cactus, over the years it seems that the spread to tree's is vast. The photo shown beside was a in a struggling Arizona Ash Tree, and I wish I could say it was the only time I've seen them in a tree root ball. 

If your tree is struggling, look to possible environmental factors such as drought, borers, mistletoe, structural damage etc. If Chlorosis of the leaves is present for no apparent reason and the tree is well fed and no environmental factors have changed, then you most likely have grubs eating the roots. This will result in lack of the tree's ability to pull much needed nutrients from the soil, resulting in chlorosis leading to excessive dead.

What can you do about grub's in your tree's? Very simply call Tree Removal Service Tucson, we have the thousands of tree's worked on data that will help you with a proper treatment for your tree. Often the tree may need more than one treatment and a feeding plan implemented to help with the tree recover. For years we have helped Tucsonian's with there Tree Trimming and Tree Removal and we are still here today to give you a hand. Any reputable Tree Removal or Tree Trimming company should be able to diagnose chlorosis and other signs of grubs.

I hope this was helpful answering your question, Do you have Grubs in your Tucson Tree? As a leading Tree Trimming company in Tucson we are here to help with your Tree Removal and advanced tree care needs by a leading Arborist.