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Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt - Killer Bee's in Tucson

Posted on July 8, 2018 at 4:27 PM Comments comments (0)
Killer Bee's in Tucson, Arizona.In Tucson, Arizona Tree Care is full of Adventure. In other parts of the country it is often mundane and full of scientific facts and routine low risk trimming. 

Here at Chris and Amanda's Tree Service we have come to expect anything. If you have been reading our "Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt" blogs, it will not surprise you that we have ran into a bee or two.

Back in 2014 after a long summer of Tree Cutting we had a routine job that turned into anything but. A half dead California Pepper Tree Removal was supposed to be routine and as a side note the customer told us that they had seen some bee's around the tree but had done their due diligence and had a Bee Removal Company out and everything was fine. I didn't think much of it as we have ran into the occasional small colonies of bee's in the past and find them to be mostly friendly. In addition after inspecting the tree we found no hive to be seen.

Tree Removal Tucson, Arizona.So we got to cutting and removed the few shoots that remained on this old tree stump. Once those were cut we tied a rope and felled the trunk. BOOM! it hit the ground and it was almost like a cloud of bees started to fly from the top of the trunk. Wow! I thought, there still must be a few bee's left so I started cutting logs as quick as I could. With a few swift cuts and a sharp chain the trunk was sectioned and we stepped back to discuss the game plan. Around this same time Paul, one of our guys, said "ouch!" and put his hand on his forehead. "that bee just ran right into my head!" He said. "get in the Truck!" I told the crew as we all scrambled to get the doors shut. That thump in the head was a warning sign from the colony saying we will attack if you don't leave.

Now at this point the average bear would've called it quits but the tree was laying in their drive and calling it quits would mean the customer would see up to 1,000$ for leave their pocket with a bee removal company. Priding ourselves as the Best Tree Removal in Tucson we decided to give it a go. Carefully we walked close to the logs, picking one up and throwing it in the trailer. With in a minute or two the Kamikaze Bee's would thump one of us in the head and we would scurry back to the truck. This process repeated itself for hours until the tree was load. With the moving of the logs the bee's seem to disperse and towards the end there was only a few stragglers left.

Tree Service Tucson, Arizona.Chris and Amanda's Tree Service prides itself in being a recycling, environmentally friendly Tree Service In Tucson and we felt a sense of pride having completed the work. One of our guys ventured to the old logs and pulled a piece of honeycomb and we all ate some. Wow it was great! I cant tell you how it melted in our mouths and had a little bit of flaky texture.

It took us no time at all to pull all the honeycombs out and put it into bags splitting the prize between all of us. The memory of this day makes me think fondly on bee's and the next time you are Tree Trimming in Tucson and see a bee just know that they are in the process of storing a tasty treat in Tucson.

For the record, we do not recommend going anywhere near a bee hive and we have had dozens of jobs for Tree Removal in Tucson that we have had to reschedule due to bee's. Properly trained staff should be used for Africanized Bee's and we have used bee suits in the past when needed. But with that said, you can hire us with confidence knowing that we have seen it all at Chris and Amanda's Tree Service when it comes to Tree Trimming in Tucson, Arizona.

Tree Service Tucson, Discounts, Coupons and more!

Posted on June 18, 2018 at 12:11 AM Comments comments (0)
Thank you for stopping in to Chris and Amanda's Tree Service! We promise to make it worth your while. 

When is comes to Tree Service Tucson is behind the times in many ways. Our Tree Care Companies are generally under trained when compared with the rest of the country. Part of this is due to the small market of the Old Pueblo and the other part is due to 3 unique environmental factors that make it impossible to read a book about Tree Care in Tucson. Our rocky soil, drought conditions and freeze conditions make Tucson a unique place that requires a special set of rules for Tucson Tree's. 

Chris and Amanda have stumbled on some simple truths that do not line up with conventional Tree Service thinking and we have documented them in video format on our YouTube Channel. Our hope is that our video library will be a free resource that helps Tucson for years to come and raise the Tree IQ for Tree Owners and Tree Workers alike. 

Tree Service in Tucson will never be the same. To help with our mission we are offering a 10% off coupon if you subscribe, Give us Thumbs up and watch our video's. You can start with the one below that will get you well on your way to 10% off. This coupon can not be combined with other offers but it can be saved for future use. In other words, Subscribe, Thumbs Up and watch videos now and then if you should ever need tree service in the future, the coupon is there for you to use.

Thanks for all your support and we will see you next time!
Chris and Amanda

Tree Planting Tucson - Good Tree's to Plant in Tucson.

Posted on June 17, 2018 at 11:47 PM Comments comments (2235)
Tucson is unique environment full of Rock, Drought and Freeze conditions. The combination of all of those leads to a new set of rules needing to be written. You see, the Tree Care provided in other parts of the country does not apply to Tucson. 

Chris and Amanda's Tree Service has confronted the text books and on the job training coming out the other side better for it. Water the drip line? not in Tucson. Plant in full sun? not in Tucson. These are a few of the differences we face in the Old Pueblo. So, with that said, shouldn't the Tree Planting Tucson does be different too? We say yes.

For years Tucson has been plagued by nurseries that push and inventory of Pine Tree's, Eucalyptus, Willow Acacia, Sumac's and more. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a sound voice advising what are good tree's to plant in Tucson? Well that day is here. Chris and Amanda's Tree Service is offering video's with information covering a wide spectrum of Tree Service secrets normally paid for. Today we cover Tree Planting Tucson.

We have done 2 video's on the subject and I will give you the cliff notes versions. At the top of the list of good tree's to plant in Tucson is the Velvet Mesquite. Great slow growing hard wood tree that is drought tolerant and has artistic branches. Don't cut those lower branches off, they are needed. (watch our video how to trim a tree) Second on our list is the Palo Brea. This is a wide palo verde with artistic branches and very low trimming needs. (we have a video on the 5 palo verde's of Tucson so you can tell them all apart) Third on our list is the little known Twisted Acacia. What a unique tree! Wouldn't Tucson be better if this tree was planted instead of the Sweet Acacia? Who's idea was the Sweet Acacia? Fourth on our list is the Mexican Sycamore. This tree is not for the faint of heart as it will need some watering. Deciduous it drops its leaves and is very easy to clean up because the leaves re the size of dinner plates! This is a great shade tree for those summer months. I have grown one from 10 to 25 feet in 1 year!
This is our top 4. 

We did a second video on unique tree's to plant in Tucson and you will have to watch that one. I will post it along with these words. Remember to give us a THUMBS UP and we answer all questions for advice when you COMMENT on our YouTube videos. 

We hope this blog was helpful with Tree Planting Tucson and gave you some good Tree's to plant in Tucson. Thanks for all your Love and we will see you next time!
Chris and Amanda

Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt (Bomb in the Desert!)

Posted on May 14, 2018 at 8:15 AM Comments comments (0)
Explosion in the Desert!Doing Tree Service in Tucson during the monsoon season is often an adventure. I have been out on 2 story roofs after a lightning strike broke a palm in half and have seen more strange weather events doing Tree Service than I ever expected. Nothing tops what I saw back in 2010.

Getting a call about a lightning struck tree is not uncommon, so when I heard that a tree had blown up I figured it was like all the others that I had seen. Before I arrived channel 13 had been out to do a news story, this should have tipped me off that something crazy had happened. What I saw when I arrived was unlike anything I had ever seen and still have yet to see.

Tree Service in Tucson by Chris and Amanda's Tree Service.Talking with the tree owner they told me how it sounded like a bomb went off in their back yard with shrapnel going everywhere. I looked around and saw the normal debris from a lightning strike but then as I inspected, I found that the tree had been launched in 3 to 10 foot pieces all over damaging everything. This bent handrail is not from the tree falling on it but from a 4 foot shrapnel log flying like it was shot out of a cannon. After bending this railing it went on to smash into the house putting a small hole in it. What kind of force was this? It was the most spectacular lightning strike I have ever seen. (and I have seen palm tree's broke in half)
We went about our business of cutting up, but mostly carrying out the exploded tree. It was more like litter removal as it was all in pieces.
Tree Trimming in Tucson by Chris and Amanda's Tree Service in Tucson.This picture beside shows all that was left of the tree standing. A few foot trunk of what had been a nearly 25 foot tree. Finishing up Removing the Tree, the Tree owner took me to the wall to show me the grand finale, as I looked out into the desert, nearly 100 feet or more away, they showed me a nearly 3 foot piece that lay in the desert. Truly there was a bomb in the desert on this day! Over the years that tree owner has become a close friend and going back I think of that tree from time to time, how it was exploded by a bomb called lightning. So the next time monsoon rolls around and you wonder "is my tree going to fall on my house?" Maybe the more appropriate question would be "is a bomb going to explode my tree?"
Hope you enjoyed this story from the Tree Cutting Crypt!

How to water a Tree in Tucson, Arizona.

Posted on April 13, 2018 at 12:42 AM Comments comments (0)
For years we have been fixing tree's for the Tucson Community. Recently I had the opportunity to meet someone who was charged money to have a tree service inject 60 gallons of water in the soil for her tree. At this point I thought it may be helpful to put a large part of what we have done online for you. Tucson is a different place and during my study in Arboriculture I realized how different. Half of what I learned in a book was not applicable in Tucson. Our soil is so hard it changes the common teaching to incorrect. 
First mistake.... 
Watering the drip line. I can not tell you how many people we have helped who have sick or dehydrated tree's that before meeting us had put irrigation in place around the drip line. 1 to 2 years goes by and the tree gets worse until they call us. If you study tree care and the drip line watering plans they assume that the whole circumference is being water. Well, in Tucson if you water the drip line the water never makes it to the root ball which has the most condensed area of roots that you can positively effect. Watering the base in a textbook is a big no no because it will destabilize a tree. Our soil is not destabilized as it is the consistency of cement. With that said, do not water the base in monsoon's because a wet base will allow your tree to go over in a storm much easier. Another text book concern is root rot. As long as you go 2-3 times a week and allow it to dry in between you will have no trouble.

The fact is, Landscapers and some tree cutters have no idea how much water a tree needs in Tucson... Again studying a book won't tell you about studies done in Tucson. Anyhow, Landscapers put 1-5 gallon emitters on your tree and then schedule you for 1 hr a day. So your tree gets 5 gallons at best! not enough. And I have seen so called top arborist in Tucson advise people with starving tree's to water the tree 6 hrs avery 30 days. HA! Then the Tree Owner calls me and we help. This help has happened Thousands of times and sometimes there are other underlying issues that we can help address like insects. So below is our deep soak watering plan. It's pretty basic but may be a big help to you in life. We have suffered such drought over the last 20 years that a little help for our tree's is needed. One thing I learned in study is that over 90% of ALL tree born illness is derived from dehydration. This means that a healthy tree is half the battle.

As always, Hope the below helps.

 Watering Plan 

 Often Tree's need individual watering care depending on Genus, Age and Health. Here in Tucson tree's often have specialized watering needs due our climate and soil conditions. Textbook watering does not work in our climate with hard soil and dry air. We have developed a specialized feeding plan to bring tree's back to life and this is the Watering plan to be followed after that feeding plan. Water for the months of March, April, May, June, September, October and November. If we have an excessively hot summer with little rain you can add water during those times but you want to stay away from watering during Monsoon season as watering the soil will soften the area leaving your tree open to blowing over in a Microburst. Your watering should consist of leaving a hose trickle at the base of the tree overnight 2-3 nights a week for the months listed above depending on how sick your tree is. Before you do that you want to soak the fresh ground mulch, we put in, excessively to bleed down nutrition. It is important to watch your tree's health while watering and make sure soil dries between waterings. Other things to look for are leaf scorch, leaf discoloration or wilting can be signs of water deficiencies. Remember that tree's do not get healthy overnight, do not loose heart because your tree does not bounce back in 30 day. Spring growth is derived from fall nutrition and often the watering you are doing now is going to pay dividends the following year. Follow our plan closely as we have watched 1000's of tree's show amazing results taking them off deaths door and making them a vital part of your life again.
As always we are hear to help, please call or email with any questions.
Chris and Amanda Owner/Arborist 

Chris and Amanda's Tree Service 
 1078 N SWAN RD 
TUCSON, AZ 85711 
Offering Tucson great Tree Trimming and Tree Service!

Great video's to help Homeowners on YouTube.

Posted on April 12, 2018 at 5:37 PM Comments comments (0)
Chris and Amanda's Tree Service is starting to do video's to help homeowners with those common tree questions. 
Some of our latest videos are...
- Mistletoe part 1,2,3
- Pine Bark Beetle
- Palm Tree Trimming 1 and 2
- Feeding Tree's
- Sewer Lines and your Tree's

More coming soon! Stay Tuned.

Chris and Amanda's Tree Service
1078 N Swan Rd
Tucson, Az     520-591-9265

Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt! Alan Jackson?

Posted on April 1, 2018 at 4:07 PM Comments comments (0)
Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt! Alan Jackson?Years ago I had the joy of helping a family in need of Tree Removal in Tucson Arizona. Often as parents grow old I interact with the children helping to make sure that the property's Tree Trimming needs are taken care of. On this special occasion the daughter was helping get the place ready to sell after her mother was put in a retirement home. Our job detail was massive and I went over the night before to drop off an extra dumping trailer as the crane would arrive at 530 in the morning. After dropping off the trailer I was pulling out of the drive to see the neighbor come out of the house waiving a gun at me. I slowed down in the drive, wondering if something had happened and if I could help. To my surprise the mans anger was directed at me. "If your not sent here by Alan Jackson you have no business on this property!!!" the man yelled as he got closer to my truck. I tried to explain but he kept repeating the Alan Jackson permission requirement and I soon realized the man must be on drugs or in need of mental health assistance. In fear of what may happen I called 911 and sat in my truck as the guy would come in and out of the house yelling the same thing. Much to my surprise the sheriff swat team arrived (i had told them of a crazy man with a gun) and the proceeded to treat the situation very seriously like a standoff with floodlights, snipers and all. All I could do is hollar out my truck "don't shoot" Finally after all of us being face down in the dirt handcuffed the came to the conclusion it was a misunderstanding and no body was at fault. To say the least I expected the guy to go to jail for the night as it turns out he was pretty drunk. But I found out a little more that made me understand. It turns out that the old lady's son had took care of her for years and his name was Alan Johnson, not Jackson. After the mother was put in care, the son was no longer in charge but the daughter took over. So the gun wielding neighbor had good intentions, plus he came over the next day and apologized and hired me to remove one of his large tree's, which we did a few days later.

Being the top Tree Service in Tucson Arizona we have seen it all and we hope you enjoyed another chapter out of the book of our lives. Funny thing is, I have had some interaction with Alan Jackson having one of his Tour Bus drivers work for me for a spell, and for those of you who know Amanda, you've probably heard her stories of going back to Family Reunions in Brentwood and seeing him around town in the 90's. Anyhow, We will be ready should your job turn into a story here at Chris and Amanda's Tree Service in Tucson Arizona.

Save your Money! Chris and Amanda's Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona!

Posted on April 1, 2018 at 10:11 AM Comments comments (0)
Save your Money! Chris and Amanda's Tree Service!Save your Money! Chris and Amanda's Tree Service in Tucson, Az!

For years we have been helping Tucson, Arizona w/ tips, discounted prices and more. I wanted to lay a few things out to help our community understand Tucson Tree Services. Your understanding can help lead to saving money and getting a better service.... this is important. Years ago when we started our franchise in San Diego I learned about a phenomenon that an engineer had come up with. When working for him he explained that a group of friends had discussed the issue at length and stumbled on some new truths that you may find helpful. The basis is that the highest prices in Tree Service or other services are always the worst level of service. Its something I like to call the Lottery effect. When a company gets used to hitting the jackpot or homerun on its jobs they become lazy and almost addicted to the feeling that they didn't exert very much energy but received a great reward. This jackpot way of life leads them to the self image that they are very important and deserve this pay off because they are better. I last week ran into this while meeting someone new who had out a low character high price company here in Tucson. I know the company well and she told me how surprised she was that they left such a mess after charging her 5 times more than I did. This is a story I hear over and over.... The highest prices are the worst service. With that said, your lowest prices that are so low they are scary often are very inexperienced. The sweet spot is in the middle. The guys in the middle offer you the best service and price combination you can hope for. We try to hit that on the head every time at Chris and Amanda's Tree Service! 

Another thing to know about Tree Service in Tucson and about Tucson Arizona in General is that we are a very small market. There is alot of companies that shouldn't be in business here in Tucson. In bigger markets they would be drowned out but in Tucson they get buy with smoke and mirrors. Often their character is so low that it is a wonder people hire them, but often people over ride their gut instinct because the person couldn't be too bad if they have been in business for awhile.... not true. Some of the so called top tree cutters are very untrustworthy putting their pocket book ahead of your best interest. You can often get trusted advise that is only given so that they get work, often this is the case. If what someone is telling you costs money you should be cautious. I often see people who get 10 estimates getting so confused that they no longer know what to do. There is not enough Trusted Tree Companies in Tucson to get 10 estimates, so stick with just a few. If you need a few here is some I have seen act honorably....
Obviously us... 

1. Chris and Amanda's Tree Service! 520-591-9265
2. Romeo Tree Service 520-603-0143
3. Absolutely Trees (520) 818-4455
4. Arizona Tree and Landscape Service 520-790-1505
5. Monstrosity Tree Service 520-230-7131

And this is the end of the list. I wish I could tell you all the bad stories about other services I have experienced but it wouldn't be fair. All I can say is that the above have conducted themselves in a way they can be proud of. Not to say they don't make mistakes but they are people of more character than the rest of your options. GOOD LUCK!

Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt! (Tucson Fire)

Posted on March 31, 2018 at 9:14 AM Comments comments (0)
Fire in Tucson, AZ!For years we have written blogs trying to help our community with free advice. I wanted to start a new blog called Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt. It is a chance to share some of our crazy experiences that make us the best Tree Company in Tucson, giving us the depth of knowledge to be prepared for anything, because we have seen everything.
Firefighting is not on my list of things to do when I go to a job but I have found that I am ready for it if the need arises. Years ago we had our Crane out to remove this palm tree on a summer morning in Tucson. I should have known something was out of place when half the fronds from the dead skirt had been place in the alley. Anyhow, I got my straps set, hooked the tree to the crane and started to cut. About 3/4 of the way through I had to stop to reposition and left the saw (turned off) in the cut. The crane had the palm hoisted so I was not worried about it going anywhere. I talked to my crane guy about the change and went back to start cutting. Starting my saw I heard the crane horn blow and groundsmen hollering at me, I went to see what was wrong. Fire was shooting out of the top of the palm skirt. We scrambled like crazy to get hoses, and contain what turned into a 35 foot blaze. We were able to keep it under control until the fire department arrived and later safely removed on burnt, black palm tree.
Before Tree Service
It turns out the customer had been trying to fight of a wasp nest before we came out. Whatever he sprayed on it turned into an accelerant that went up quick from the spark of my muffler on the saw. In addition, trying to get to the wasp's nest he thinned the skirt aerating it which caused it to go up in flames quick. I am glad we reacted quickly and we are thankful that no one was hurt. One thing you can be sure of, we will be ready for whatever unexpected event arises!

Before Cutting...

....After Fire

Thank you Ron Barber

Posted on March 31, 2018 at 8:47 AM Comments comments (0)
Thank you Ron BarberFor so many years of working and living here in Tucson me and Amanda have met some of the most memorable people. Tucson is a community full of Loving people who all appreciate the Old Pueblo and all it has to offer. On behalf of all the people I know, we would like to thank Ron Barber for his service to our Community. After loosing Gabrielle Giffords Ron was a light of hope and his most admirable quality is that he lives here with us and is one of us. For years I have ran into him here or there and have sang his praises for being a grass roots candidate and heartfelt representative of Tucson. We all can appreciate someone who steps up in a time of need and sacrifices his time and future to represent us. THANK YOU RON BARBER. After working for one of his children (another local Tucsonian), I got a chance to work for Ron and have continued that relationship. Sadly Ron is not going to run again but I encourage all of us to thank him and Nancy for putting Tucson first and showing the rest of the world that we are a community united. So the next time you see him changing his tires or changing his oil, thank him and show support for on of the many treasures we have here in Tucson.