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"Jumping Jack Joe" Children's Book in Video Online by C. D. Olson

Posted on September 30, 2018 at 11:14 PM Comments comments (0)
"Jumping Jack Joe" a Children's Book Online

Author and Tree Service entrepreneur C. D. Olson has a long life story. The son of a Paranoid schizophrenic Mother, adopted at the age of 3 by and Aunt and Uncle, his childhood was spent in deep thought trying to understand his place in life.
 Through this childhood he stumbled onto a book by Shel Silverstein that intrigued his desire to write. Many years later he offers his writings with hopes that others may also be inspired to write. Below is the video version of one of his Children's Book that he posted online.

Jumping Jack Joe has Copyrights Reserved in 2018 but is free for you to enjoy and share in this Online Children's Book format. Our hope is that it will inspire others to give to their community in any way they can.

Chris currently has a home full of love and children that adore him. His wife is his support and encourages him to share his gift with anyone he can. It is our experience that he has an natural ability to put others before himself on all occasions and this is the secret to his success. 

Below is a Text Script of the book should you like to read it to your children.

Jumping Jack Joe by C. D. Olson

Jumping Jack Joe known as the town juggler, 
was shorter than most, just a small little bugger.
His head oh so hairy, he almost looked scary,
missing two teeth that he gave the tooth fairy.

He lived in the town of Wanfussinbluemussin,
and Jack wondered why all his friends he was loosing.
He went to the mirror, full of fear, from his eye came a tear,
he'd had this strange thing now for almost a year.

How his face did contort, as he sat in his tree fort,
on his nose was a wart, of the funny kind sort.
(it's bad enough he was short!)

With friends he can't play, they have mean things to say,
so he juggled all day in his own special way.
Apples, banana's, a kitty cat flew, he juggled a jellyfish with gentleness too,
your face would turn blue of those things he could do.

 Time went on slow, you know how time goes,
that thing on his nose, oh how that thing grows.
He tried to remove it with funny time goop, 
but funny time goop twist his nose in a loop.

All things did he try, he even did buy, 
a face mast for monkey's made out of mud pie.
A mirror with powder puffs pink, red and blue,
just made him look silly oh what could he do?
(should he ask you?)

One day while out walking, Jack heard some birds squawking,
he looked up to see that the mountain was rocking.

Those rock's they did loosen, so Jack started cruising,
to warn all the people of Wanfussinbluemussin.
Running so fast, even birds did he pass,
faster than cars with motors and gas.

"I'll Make it" he said "I know that I will!"
he ran even faster over Wanfussin Hill.
At the top of the hill, with a chill he stood still,
turned around slowly and what he saw made him ill.

The rocks had been tumbling much faster than he,
the sky was all black, only rocks could he see.
One by one they fell down, right by his side,
"what will I do!" his eyes grew so wide.

Jumping Jack Joe knew he had to do something,
so rocks did he grab, and he began a juggling.
A couple a few, juggling rocks as they flew,
big ones and small ones he cared not what he threw.

Ten, twenty, thirty, then hundreds went high,
a circle of rocks all the way to the sky.

With every one, town juggler Jack,
went to the mountain to put the rocks back.
Such sternness of face, he got to the base,
juggling them back, every one in it's place.

Little ones, big ones, three, two and one,
he worked until done when at last he had none.

He turned with a smile and what he saw was amusing,
the townspeople cheered from Wanfussinbluemussin.
They said "what do you know! it's Jumping Jack Joe! 
He saved all of us and our town down below"

New friends hugged him tight, it was quite a sight,
they ran off all playing till day turned to night.

Time soon passed by, and the wart went away,
yes Jack once looked different,
but he looks great today!

Hope you enjoyed this Children's Book Video Online.

Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt - "Ouch! that Hurt"

Posted on August 6, 2018 at 12:29 AM Comments comments (0)
Tree Climbing Arborist in Tucson, Arizona.Over the years while Cutting and Climbing Tree's in Tucson, Arizona a leading Tree Service can expect a few injuries. We have seen a few but thankfully nothing too major and most important we have never had a Workmans Comp or General Liability Accident. That is saying alot since we have out performed many others with our scheduling having cranked out one job after another tallying 10's of Thousands.

Here at Chris and Amanda's Tree Service we have built a reputation of being the hardest working group of local Tucsonans around. I know everyone works hard, but if you've had us out you know first hand that we are quick, efficient and often function like trained athletes on a team competing for a gold metal. On a hotter than hot day many years ago while climbing a tree I suffered one of the common setbacks that we often face in such a physical and hard line of work, and here is the story below.

Manuel was one of the greatest leads and climbers that we had for years here at Chris and Amanda's Tree Service, many of you may remember him. Often he and I would climb tree's at the same time and it wasn't uncommon for a fellow Tucson Tree Service competitor to call us and say how impressed they were with our work after driving by and watching a job of ours. In addition customers often called Manuel Spider Man with his ability to maneuver inside of a tree. (he was alot lighter than me but lanky and strong, being a big guy like me is not good for climbing) 

So, our relationship grew and most times climbing and cutting was a competition and I would often hear "I got done before you". Usually that was true but I was often able to send a jab back his way on occasion. On this day in question I was the only climber and the tree was by live conductors which adds to the stress. Tree Removal in Tucson is difficult enough without an added risk of dying. Up in the tree, cutting, the pressure was on me to perform and when that is the case I usually crank up the already high pressure on our crew. On this particular tree I was rope and pulleying everything to the ground which requires multiple attach points which we often rig with a long red pruning pole that has a metal hook on it. It allows us to reach our rope out and pull it back after wrapping around a branch. This method is almost exclusively used for difficult Tree Removal in Tucson as Tree Trimming limits how much climbing that can be done due to gaffs not being used because they puncture the cambium layer.

Anyhow, tired and alone in a tree, about 50 feet in the air, my pole slipped from my belt and down to the ground it went. Its hard to understand unless your a tree climber but it is exhausting. The last thing i wanted to do is climb down lower to reach the pole or re rig my ropes to use them as a pulley. "Manuel! Throw me my pole!" I hollered. Manuel threw it straight up in the air in my direction coming up short and the pole went back down to the ground. Each time I twisted my body in pain trying to grab the pole just out of my reach. After about 3 tries, and increasing frustration, It was time to give him a competitive jab "Come on what are you a weakling?" I hollered.

What a mistake that was.

All the competition came out in Manuel and his next throw was his best. Looking down at him from high in the tree I expected it to come up short again. Leaning over in anticipation the pole was launched like a missile and as I looked down and readied myself to grab it, it flew harder than I could even imagine. By the time my hands grabbed the pole it had already smashed directly into my nose. Blood instantly came out and "ouch!, that hurt!" was my only response. I sat up there in pain and Manuel grew strangely quite wondering how mad I was at him. Fortunately for him I had to climb and cut my way back down the tree and by the time I reached the bottom I was no longer mad and could see how I provoked him to try a little too hard.

Tree Service in Tucson is an adventure and while many Tree Cutting Arborist's take it easy on your dime we have a different motto. Honest Work for Honest Pay. Manuel later passed away from an unrelated accident (not at work) and lately I have been thinking back on him, missing the competition we once shared. Nowadays I remember well to watch out for the red pole when it comes flying because it could break your nose.

Tree Trimming in Tucson, ArizonaThis is a real picture of Manuel, not photo shopped. He was one of those guys that took pride in being the strongest. Always willing to take on any challenge he was a special person that Chris and Amanda's Tree Service feels blessed to have had the pleasure of working with.

Tree Service Tucson, Arizona.

Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt - Killer Bee's in Tucson

Posted on July 8, 2018 at 4:27 PM Comments comments (0)
Killer Bee's in Tucson, Arizona.In Tucson, Arizona Tree Care is full of Adventure. In other parts of the country it is often mundane and full of scientific facts and routine low risk trimming. 

Here at Chris and Amanda's Tree Service we have come to expect anything. If you have been reading our "Tales from the Tree Cutting Crypt" blogs, it will not surprise you that we have ran into a bee or two.

Back in 2014 after a long summer of Tree Cutting we had a routine job that turned into anything but. A half dead California Pepper Tree Removal was supposed to be routine and as a side note the customer told us that they had seen some bee's around the tree but had done their due diligence and had a Bee Removal Company out and everything was fine. I didn't think much of it as we have ran into the occasional small colonies of bee's in the past and find them to be mostly friendly. In addition after inspecting the tree we found no hive to be seen.

Tree Removal Tucson, Arizona.So we got to cutting and removed the few shoots that remained on this old tree stump. Once those were cut we tied a rope and felled the trunk. BOOM! it hit the ground and it was almost like a cloud of bees started to fly from the top of the trunk. Wow! I thought, there still must be a few bee's left so I started cutting logs as quick as I could. With a few swift cuts and a sharp chain the trunk was sectioned and we stepped back to discuss the game plan. Around this same time Paul, one of our guys, said "ouch!" and put his hand on his forehead. "that bee just ran right into my head!" He said. "get in the Truck!" I told the crew as we all scrambled to get the doors shut. That thump in the head was a warning sign from the colony saying we will attack if you don't leave.

Now at this point the average bear would've called it quits but the tree was laying in their drive and calling it quits would mean the customer would see up to 1,000$ for leave their pocket with a bee removal company. Priding ourselves as the Best Tree Removal in Tucson we decided to give it a go. Carefully we walked close to the logs, picking one up and throwing it in the trailer. With in a minute or two the Kamikaze Bee's would thump one of us in the head and we would scurry back to the truck. This process repeated itself for hours until the tree was load. With the moving of the logs the bee's seem to disperse and towards the end there was only a few stragglers left.

Tree Service Tucson, Arizona.Chris and Amanda's Tree Service prides itself in being a recycling, environmentally friendly Tree Service In Tucson and we felt a sense of pride having completed the work. One of our guys ventured to the old logs and pulled a piece of honeycomb and we all ate some. Wow it was great! I cant tell you how it melted in our mouths and had a little bit of flaky texture.

It took us no time at all to pull all the honeycombs out and put it into bags splitting the prize between all of us. The memory of this day makes me think fondly on bee's and the next time you are Tree Trimming in Tucson and see a bee just know that they are in the process of storing a tasty treat in Tucson.

For the record, we do not recommend going anywhere near a bee hive and we have had dozens of jobs for Tree Removal in Tucson that we have had to reschedule due to bee's. Properly trained staff should be used for Africanized Bee's and we have used bee suits in the past when needed. But with that said, you can hire us with confidence knowing that we have seen it all at Chris and Amanda's Tree Service when it comes to Tree Trimming in Tucson, Arizona.