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Is your Mesquite or Acacia dying from Borer's?

Posted on November 23, 2013 at 7:58 PM Comments comments (0)
Is your Mesquite or Acacia dying from Borer's?Is your Mesquite or Acacia dying from Borer's? Well I would have put a picture of the evidence but it is hard to get a good picture that shows up on camera. The picture beside is a tree that was topped (an unrecognized practice by the ISA). The end result will be a lot of boring insects tunneling into the cambium layer from the excessive damage.

How do you know if your tree is damaged? Well very simply look for little gold sap bubbles on the bark of the tree. Generally these will be above head level on the large branches. These little gold sap bubbles are a sure sign that a borer has gotten in. Once in it will tunnel holes in the cambium layer and prevent the flow of nutrition eventually weakening the tree until it succumbs to other micro organism's, pest's and environmental factors. Do not be confused, black sap running from a mesquite is natural, not a concern, but the gold sap bubbles not. On sweet acacia's it is a little different as the little sap bubbles are actually a darker sap and not a hard gold bubble like the mesquite. An experience Tree Trimming company should be able to point them out.

What can you do? Well there are treatment's available, but it is best to call the lead Arborist at Tree Removal Service Tucson as you may need additional feeding to help the tree through the treatment. We are a top Tree Removal company here to help and hope that this helped you answer the question, Is your Mesquite or Acacia dying from Borer's? As Tucson's Leading Tree Removal provider we have expanded to be a leader in Tree Trimming and advanced Tree Care.

Do you have Grubs in your Tucson Tree?

Posted on November 23, 2013 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (0)
Do you have Grubs in your Tucson Tree?Do you have Grubs in your Tucson Tree?

If you are asking the question, "Why do I have to pay for Tree Trimming every year to clean dead" you probably have grubs.

Often I have run into concerns and signs of grubs. Tucson is full of grubs, combined with drought, other parasites and micro organisms, we have more dead and dying tree's than any other city of this size.

Grubs often feed and live under a lot of our cactus, over the years it seems that the spread to tree's is vast. The photo shown beside was a in a struggling Arizona Ash Tree, and I wish I could say it was the only time I've seen them in a tree root ball. 

If your tree is struggling, look to possible environmental factors such as drought, borers, mistletoe, structural damage etc. If Chlorosis of the leaves is present for no apparent reason and the tree is well fed and no environmental factors have changed, then you most likely have grubs eating the roots. This will result in lack of the tree's ability to pull much needed nutrients from the soil, resulting in chlorosis leading to excessive dead.

What can you do about grub's in your tree's? Very simply call Tree Removal Service Tucson, we have the thousands of tree's worked on data that will help you with a proper treatment for your tree. Often the tree may need more than one treatment and a feeding plan implemented to help with the tree recover. For years we have helped Tucsonian's with there Tree Trimming and Tree Removal and we are still here today to give you a hand. Any reputable Tree Removal or Tree Trimming company should be able to diagnose chlorosis and other signs of grubs.

I hope this was helpful answering your question, Do you have Grubs in your Tucson Tree? As a leading Tree Trimming company in Tucson we are here to help with your Tree Removal and advanced tree care needs by a leading Arborist.

Can you burn Eucalyptus Wood in your Fireplace?

Posted on October 9, 2013 at 9:33 AM Comments comments (0)
Can you burn Eucalyptus Wood in your Fireplace?Can you burn Eucalyptus Wood in your Fireplace? 

Well the short answer is YES!

Eucalyptus happens to be one of the best burning firewoods that Tucson, Arizona has to offer. With no Pitch or sap to worry about you can burn the wood like an oak or mesquite wood for a lot less money. Often I have told people that if I had to heat my home with firewood I would undoubtedly burn Eucalyptus as it is the best priced firewood in combination with stored energy.

You may ask, "what about all the products made from Eucalyptus oils?" Well very simply put the oils are extracted from the leaves of eucalyptus, not the logs. So if you burned Eucalyptus leaves in Tucson, Arizona you would have some pitch and aroma. So don't buy a cord of Eucalyptus leaves!  :)

To bring this all to a close, yes you Can you burn Eucalyptus Wood in your Fireplace in Tucson. It is a resource that we have in abundance since our ancestors in the 50's and 60's planted these giants right next to homes all through Tucson. Using the hardwood is a great way to prevent the clearing of private land in Northern Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico to supply firewood vendors with those desired woods like Mesquite and Juniper. Support your local recycling Firewood Contractor in Tucson who ethically harvest's the natural resource that our urban forest provides.

Discounted Tree Services for Anthony Martino and Lute Olson in Tucson, Arizona.

Posted on September 21, 2013 at 11:03 PM Comments comments (0)
Lute Olson Tucson, ArizonaAnthony Martino Tucson, ArizonaDiscounted Tree Services for Anthony Martino and Lute Olson in Tucson, Arizona.

Recently I ate dinner on the last night of a Tucson favorite. Anthony's in the Catalina's. For years Tucsonian's have enjoyed Anthony Martino and His fine dining, it is a loss that Tucson will take a long time to grieve. Thank you so Much Mr. Martino for all the years of Service here in Tucson, Arizona.

That same weekend we ran into Lute Olson for the second time over the last couple of weeks and expressed to him our appreciation for all the great memories over the years. Tucson, Arizona has very few National things to root for and our University of Arizona Basketball Team and Lute Olson have been the joy for many of us for over 30 years. Thank you Lute for all the great years of Service to our Town, the Fans and Kids that went through your organization. As a fellow Olson I feel a need to give more of myself doing Tree Service in Tucson. Whether doing Tree Trimming or Tree Removal in Tucson, Arizona we always want to give our best. Every Tucsonian has to try their hardest to make Tucson a better place for all of us and Lute Olson and Anthony Martino have done that for Tucson, Arizona.

On behalf of Tucson, we here at Tree Removal Service Tucson and our Staff want to extend Discounted Tree Services for Anthony Martino and Lute Olson in Tucson, Arizona. A heartfelt thank you from the Olson family and this little town we call home.

Amazing Portrait Artist in Tucson

Posted on September 1, 2013 at 8:46 PM Comments comments (0)
Amazing Portrait Artist in TucsonAmazing Portrait Artist in Tucson! In my travels I get honored to meet 10's of Thousands of Tucsonians. Often I amazed at the depth of talent possessed in our city. From high end Bicycle Fabricators to Voice over artist who have done memorable announcements for famous sporting events. Recently I met an Artist that has talent beyond any I have seen. I have been to art shows and viewings and even have a friend who commissioned Wall size artwork that came with a personal presentation showing and the work cost more than a small house. Despite my experiences I was floored at the talent of the artist I met. My picture does not show how lifelike the artwork is when you see it in person. I find it a shame for such a gem to be hidden in the rough. Everyone should have the opportunity to commission portraits of family members to be passed down for generations. Although not cheap, the price is very low considering the value that such a portrait would bring to your family. 

I write this article to do my part in letting people know about this Amazing Portrait Artist in Tucson. If you desire to contact the Artist please email me and I will forward your contact information.

Why is my Pine Tree is Dying in Tucson, Arizona? How do I save it?

Posted on June 22, 2013 at 10:53 PM Comments comments (0)
Why is my Pine Tree is Dying in Tucson, Arizona?

So you would hope the company that removes more dead pine tree's in Tucson, Arizona than anyone would have some good tips on why your Pine Tree is Dying. I will attempt to help you on this issue and hope that we can help you save your pine tree.

Years ago when I was a little younger in my knowledge, and experience.(and age) I removed a dead pine tree for a very nice lady. I had already cut near 100 dead pine tree's at that time and knew a little. i explained that beetles most likely attacked the tree, and when the crane brought the tree down I showed her rings of holes in branches that indicated Larvae exiting the tree. She told me at that time that the U of A arborist previously had told her that there were no pine beetles in Tucson and that it was most assuredly RUSH an illness killing the tree and she needed to water it aggressively and it would come back. Being young in experience I did not want to pick a fight with an arborist with such a title, so i went on with my career. Since then I have had run in's with poorly taught students claiming the knowledge of a U of A Horticulturist. Education at times needs to be supported with those of us in the real field seeing the problems. With that said, I have many blogs that Journal our company's journey and encourage reading them.

The bottom line is this when it comes to your dying pine tree in Tucson, AZ. We are in a drought. Pine tree's need massive amounts of water and are one of the few tree's that if the outer ends of the roots stop finding moisture, the whole root can die.

If you are a huge follower of ours you know that the base problem with all tree's under attack from Micro organism's and going into decline is Hydration! Pests such as Borers and beetles will pass healthy trees fully hydrated and go to struggling trees. So overall our problem can be solved by properly watering our trees. 

How do we do this? Well water in the ground any way is ok. A friend in Winterhaven who we recently mulched a tree for and has a struggling Pine stood with me as we looked at a pine a few feet away with grass planted all around it that was really healthy. Why? Because the watering of the grass daily helped the pine. It was once said that Conifer's like there toes in the water, not there feet. So don't drown your tree. Allow evaporation to take place a couple of days in between watering.

How can you save your pine tree? Well I will give you some sound advice. I am not a U of A Arborist but I will not steer you wrong, what I tell you is what I do and recommend often out of love for tree's.

1. Do not do Tree Trimming of dead. read our other blogs on tree compartmentalizing to understand.
2. Build a well. Simply build up a ridge of dirt approx 5 feet outside the diameter of the trunk in a circle. Do not use dirt close to the tree as changing elevation of grade can hurt the tree.
3. Mulch tree inside the well. This will release food into the soil and trap moisture along with aerating the soil as the organic material breaks down.
4. Fertilize. Water in the fertilizer well, but remember 90% of a tree's roots our in the top 12 inches of soil. I have seen the most massive tree's go over in monsoons and the depth of the root ball under the tree is often 3 feet at most.
5. Water your tree all spring and fall. DO NOT WATER IN MONSOONS AS TREE MAY TIP OVER. Watering plan is simple with hose. Trickle well overnight (8hrs) and allow a soaking of the well. Allow to dry in between. Watering overnight 2X a week should do. DO NOT USE DRIP IRRIGATION. Tree's spring growth is derived from fall nutrition so do not get discouraged with little results in first year.
Being one of Tucson's top Arborist and having a successful Tree Service company I have heard the argument of weakening due to watering this area. The alternative is Tree Removal. Back Surgery or Cut your back out? Tree Service in Tucson is different than what is taught in the textbooks. Our rocky soil does not let even the most experienced Tree Service Arborist can get fertilizer and activators around rocks to the small fibrous roots of tree's in Tucson.

Recently I followed another Certified Arborist who did his Tree Service plan of mulch and feed. The result was the lady calling me a year later to give and estimate for Tree Removal. Tree Trimming can not be performed on a sick tree, and Textbook Tree Service feeding is for different area's. Very simply you can not do a soil sample on a rock. :)

I hope this helps. We at TRST are Environmentally conscious and recycle everything as firewood in the Tucson market or allow Fairfax to chip and compost all green debris. This blog was written in good faith as I so a massive problem on the horizon as equal to the freeze we had. If this drought continues 10's of thousands of pines will die in Tucson. Lets all do our part to save this important part of our environment! As always we are here to help with any Tree Service you may need.

Is your Tree Service hurting your Tree's? OUCH!

Posted on June 2, 2013 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (0)
OUCH! Does it look like it hurts? I bet it does. If you read one of our many blogs you will understand how much damage has been done here. 

Often I go to estimates and have to battle the misinformation that has planted by another "reputable" Tree Service. The truth is that on the job training is not enough to qualify one's self as an Arborist.
Education is a must, and that combined with on the job experience is often a good combination. With that said, education can hurt ones ability to make sound decisions. A few months ago I worked for some people who have taken and are still taking courses at the U of A and consider themselves very educated in the field of Horticulture. It was very upsetting to me after having trimmed their tree to be attacked for having cut the removed branches (3 cut method) outside of the branch collar. Usually with bark growth 2 years or older there needs to by 1-2 inches left outside the branch collar. The reason is tree's compartmentalize when damaged by fracture or cutting or exposure for whatever reason to the cambium layer. This basically means that a tree kills that section off with vertical and lateral walls turning the exposed are over to decay. Tree's do not generate new tissue from dead like we can, once in decay the area is swarmed by micro organisms never to be a useful part of the tree again. So when cutting developed branches of one can seriously damage a tree by cutting it flush to the parent branch or trunk... back to the above. The people mentioned had been taught by a U of A Horticulturist  that cutting it flush was the right method. This teacher has more book smarts than me but obviously thats where it ends. If ones education is not in line with the ANSI Pruning standards then the information can be use less. So what happens to a flush cut branch? The tree reacts compartmentalizing the area and in the process kills of a section of the cambium layer in the parent branch or trunk, often the area looks like an eye over time and if done in the way that water can collect it may bleed microorganisms further and cause much greater damage. The above peoples argument was that unless you cut the branch flush it will grow shoots back. And this statement alone explains it all. Cutting it flush damages the tree to the point that it compartmentalizes the cambium layer and does damage to the feed path not only to the cut branch but also to the above fed areas on that path. 

The truth is removal of a branch outside of the branch collar is the correct way. If that is a half inch from the trunk or 2 inches from the trunk is up to discretion, but cutting flush is not up for debate. With that said we do cut non barky shoots flush to the parent branch as shoots have yet to develop a branch collar worth noticing.

So the picture above was sent to me by and HOA Leader that we have a relationship with. The damaged tree is from a former tree cutter they had used. It is obvious the damage done s compromising the health and overall function of the tree. 

Is your Tree Service hurting your Tree's? That is a good question, no one is perfect but it is important for you to educate yourself so that you know right from wrong. Our blogs are very detailed and there is many of them to read. It is a great place for you to start to begin understanding the basics. My hope is that over time Tucson becomes a better town when it comes to the Tree Service Category. Even some of our educated tree cutters are wrong just like the U of A teacher. But I must say that the work above in the picture was done by someone with no education in Tree Service or Tree Trimming. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes, no one is above scratching a branch but the above work is outright butchering of tree's by a amateur Arborist. 

Make sure you check the Education of a Tree Service Company, Reference Letters and experience of your Arborist. Also make sure the one you are talking to is the one doing the work. We train all of our employee's by the ANSI Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning standards and watch them closely for adherence. Often the person you talk to or gives you an estimate is not the one doing the work, if this is the case then expect a lesser standard of educated tree cutting when the crew comes without the Arborist you spoke to. Even worse is the band of guys who go around and do Tree Removal. Anyone can do Tree Removal but can someone do it one million times without an accident?

I hope all this is helpful and as always we are here to help.

Why is my Citrus tree dying in Tucson?

Posted on May 5, 2013 at 7:46 PM Comments comments (0)
Why is my Citrus tree dying in Tucson? If you live in Tucson like many of us these last years have been challenging to keep our citrus healthy. I have wrote many blogs on tree health and the needs of a tree but wanted to add a curious question I found in my own garden.

If you look at the picture uploaded to our Twitter page it will show you 2 citrus tree's, both planted, fed and groomed the same way over the years. (for the record I did not trim them, I inherited a butchers victim). I have fed them myself and it is obvious that the one on the left is struggling 4 times worse than the one on the right. It poses the question why? The one on the left actually had more foliage at one point and one may think it bigger. But if you look close and understand tree morphology the answer is plain to see.

Tree's spring growth, fruit, buds and shoots are derived from fall nutrition. The nutrition the prior year is stored in the trunk and larger roots ready to be used in times of need. So when this last freeze came and damaged the 2 citrus, the one on the right has a trunk diameter twice the size of its partner and can recover much quicker. The left citrus is loosing its battle despite my efforts. If you have not read my blogs before, please note that citrus are best left unpruned. That means no Tree Trimming, not even by and experienced Tree Service Provider. Fuller crown and canopy to the ground promotes health. If you must trim, do a light tip pruning in the spring to help get a fuller fruit harvest.

So as I attempt to let these 2 tree's return to a healthier state I will attempt to increase the trunk diameter of the left citrus to help it in it's time of need. How? Well consistant food is the first place I will start, secondly I will protect it in the coming years with a heat lamp. 2 years ago I was Tree Service guy who covered of plants until I lost 3 small citrus in that 3 day freeze. Now I have switched to heat lamps turning them on for about 2 nights a year and have noticed dramatic results. The combination of my efforts, I know will bring these 2 back to health and spare the need of future Tree Removal.

As always our Tree Removal company is here to help you . Feel free to give us a call if you are in need to hire a Tree Service or Tree Trimming company. If you simply have a question shoot me an email and I will answer within the week.

Winner of the 2012 Angie's List Super Service Award!

Posted on January 6, 2013 at 10:44 AM Comments comments (0)
Wow! Tree Removal Service Tucson is the Winner of the 2012 Angie's List Super Service Award! Thank you all so much! From the bottom of my families heart I want to thank all of our friends and loyal customers who have went out their way to write over 24 straight A reviews and other positive stuff around the web and on paper sent to our office. It absolutely makes me proud to be a Tucsonian and part of this community.

In a world that seems to be loosing it's love of life, Friend's, God and Family, we are blessed to be surrounded by great people and meet more of them every day. Tree Removal Service Tucson has become something greater than a tree service company in Tucson. It has become a standard of service, although not perfect, we strive and teach our guy's to treat everyone like family. Also the concept of not overcharging because we can has allowed people to trust our character and not search for a better price.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Our company has many other tree cutters trying to ride our coat tails by saying they are Tree Removal Service Tucson, saying that they have a Chris working for them, and then at times saying that we are not licensed and saying other bad things about us. Do not be fooled and we know that the truth will come out in the wash and we hope that nobody is hurt by them with poor workmanship in the progress. Our hope is that every other tree company would take on the character and motto that our company has become known for. WE ARE NOT PERFECT, but simply by trying in every phase of business try to treat you like family, whether it be price, service or just a simple conversation about what we think is in your best interest, (sometimes meaning that we make no money) we have created a community based Tree Trimming business that truly cares about Tucson, Arizona and the people who live here.

Tucson is a great small town and as we grow we do not need to become rude like the bigger cities are. Treating others with respect because in time we will all run into each other again. Lets all take care of each other, hope the best for each other and be an example to the world of how different people with different backgrounds can live in harmony. It may sound like a dream, but if you met the Thousands of Tucsonian's every year that I do while out doing estimates for Tree Trimming and Tree Removal, and saw how nice we all are despite political, religious and ethnic differences, you would appreciate the great place that Tucson is and how much better we could be. Our Tree Service strives to be a positive part of this.

As a member of Tree Removal Service Tucson I will continue to try to do our part in being the best Tree Service in Tucson and a positive influence in our community. Thank you for making us the Winner of the 2012 Angie's List Super Service Award! and we hope to see you soon.

Lions Tailing done by uneducated Arborist in Tucson, Arizona.

Posted on January 5, 2013 at 5:46 PM Comments comments (0)
Lions Tailing done by uneducated Tree Arborist in Tucson, Arizona.Tree Removal Service Tucson is the top Tree Trimming company in Tucson, Arizona.So what is lions tailing? It is an unrecognized pruning practice by the ISA and ANSI Pruning Standards. It is widely done in Tucson by uneducated Arborist and is as dangerous as topping to the health of the tree. 

Basically as shown in the picture, it is the removal of all lateral branches on a parent branch leaving only a cluster of leaves or shoots at the end of the parent branch. The end result is a dead branch. Photosynthesis and moisture drawn from soil to feed a branch is basically done by evaporation from the holes on a leaf and the process creates suction and a demand for water on the other end. (root) If you lion's tale a branch you are putting a lot of stress on a few leaves to draw the water all the way down that long branch to complete the process. It becomes impossible and the tree will kill of the branch. The lateral branches are stagers that work in unison with the parent branch to draw moisture to that point making it easier to pull the moisture the rest of the way.

If we check back on this tree in a year the shown branch will be dead and the tree will have waisted vital nutrition and energy trying to feed the damaged lower branch.

Read our other blog on tree topping to help understand and we have multiple blogs on tree morphosis that will help you understand the needs of a tree.

Arizona lack's licensing for Tree Maintenance and even for Landscapers (who are not Arborists) there is no trade test requiring one to retain knowledge of tree's and proper care. It is a missing area in the Statutes of Arizona and overlooked the the Registrar of Contractors. We hope to see the day that the problem is corrected and until then please be sure to hie an educated Arborist providing Tree Service for Tucson. As always we are here to help and hope that this article "Lions Tailing done by uneducated Arborist in Tucson, Arizona." was a helpful resource to you.