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Winner of the 2012 Angie's List Super Service Award!

Posted on January 6, 2013 at 10:44 AM
Wow! Tree Removal Service Tucson is the Winner of the 2012 Angie's List Super Service Award! Thank you all so much! From the bottom of my families heart I want to thank all of our friends and loyal customers who have went out their way to write over 24 straight A reviews and other positive stuff around the web and on paper sent to our office. It absolutely makes me proud to be a Tucsonian and part of this community.

In a world that seems to be loosing it's love of life, Friend's, God and Family, we are blessed to be surrounded by great people and meet more of them every day. Tree Removal Service Tucson has become something greater than a tree service company in Tucson. It has become a standard of service, although not perfect, we strive and teach our guy's to treat everyone like family. Also the concept of not overcharging because we can has allowed people to trust our character and not search for a better price.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Our company has many other tree cutters trying to ride our coat tails by saying they are Tree Removal Service Tucson, saying that they have a Chris working for them, and then at times saying that we are not licensed and saying other bad things about us. Do not be fooled and we know that the truth will come out in the wash and we hope that nobody is hurt by them with poor workmanship in the progress. Our hope is that every other tree company would take on the character and motto that our company has become known for. WE ARE NOT PERFECT, but simply by trying in every phase of business try to treat you like family, whether it be price, service or just a simple conversation about what we think is in your best interest, (sometimes meaning that we make no money) we have created a community based Tree Trimming business that truly cares about Tucson, Arizona and the people who live here.

Tucson is a great small town and as we grow we do not need to become rude like the bigger cities are. Treating others with respect because in time we will all run into each other again. Lets all take care of each other, hope the best for each other and be an example to the world of how different people with different backgrounds can live in harmony. It may sound like a dream, but if you met the Thousands of Tucsonian's every year that I do while out doing estimates for Tree Trimming and Tree Removal, and saw how nice we all are despite political, religious and ethnic differences, you would appreciate the great place that Tucson is and how much better we could be. Our Tree Service strives to be a positive part of this.

As a member of Tree Removal Service Tucson I will continue to try to do our part in being the best Tree Service in Tucson and a positive influence in our community. Thank you for making us the Winner of the 2012 Angie's List Super Service Award! and we hope to see you soon.

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