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Discounted Tree Services for Anthony Martino and Lute Olson in Tucson, Arizona.

Posted on September 21, 2013 at 11:03 PM
Lute Olson Tucson, ArizonaAnthony Martino Tucson, ArizonaDiscounted Tree Services for Anthony Martino and Lute Olson in Tucson, Arizona.

Recently I ate dinner on the last night of a Tucson favorite. Anthony's in the Catalina's. For years Tucsonian's have enjoyed Anthony Martino and His fine dining, it is a loss that Tucson will take a long time to grieve. Thank you so Much Mr. Martino for all the years of Service here in Tucson, Arizona.

That same weekend we ran into Lute Olson for the second time over the last couple of weeks and expressed to him our appreciation for all the great memories over the years. Tucson, Arizona has very few National things to root for and our University of Arizona Basketball Team and Lute Olson have been the joy for many of us for over 30 years. Thank you Lute for all the great years of Service to our Town, the Fans and Kids that went through your organization. As a fellow Olson I feel a need to give more of myself doing Tree Service in Tucson. Whether doing Tree Trimming or Tree Removal in Tucson, Arizona we always want to give our best. Every Tucsonian has to try their hardest to make Tucson a better place for all of us and Lute Olson and Anthony Martino have done that for Tucson, Arizona.

On behalf of Tucson, we here at Tree Removal Service Tucson and our Staff want to extend Discounted Tree Services for Anthony Martino and Lute Olson in Tucson, Arizona. A heartfelt thank you from the Olson family and this little town we call home.

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