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Can you burn Eucalyptus Wood in your Fireplace?

Posted on October 9, 2013 at 9:33 AM
Can you burn Eucalyptus Wood in your Fireplace?Can you burn Eucalyptus Wood in your Fireplace? 

Well the short answer is YES!

Eucalyptus happens to be one of the best burning firewoods that Tucson, Arizona has to offer. With no Pitch or sap to worry about you can burn the wood like an oak or mesquite wood for a lot less money. Often I have told people that if I had to heat my home with firewood I would undoubtedly burn Eucalyptus as it is the best priced firewood in combination with stored energy.

You may ask, "what about all the products made from Eucalyptus oils?" Well very simply put the oils are extracted from the leaves of eucalyptus, not the logs. So if you burned Eucalyptus leaves in Tucson, Arizona you would have some pitch and aroma. So don't buy a cord of Eucalyptus leaves!  :)

To bring this all to a close, yes you Can you burn Eucalyptus Wood in your Fireplace in Tucson. It is a resource that we have in abundance since our ancestors in the 50's and 60's planted these giants right next to homes all through Tucson. Using the hardwood is a great way to prevent the clearing of private land in Northern Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico to supply firewood vendors with those desired woods like Mesquite and Juniper. Support your local recycling Firewood Contractor in Tucson who ethically harvest's the natural resource that our urban forest provides.

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