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Save your Money! Chris and Amanda's Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona!

Posted on April 1, 2018 at 10:11 AM
Save your Money! Chris and Amanda's Tree Service!Save your Money! Chris and Amanda's Tree Service in Tucson, Az!

For years we have been helping Tucson, Arizona w/ tips, discounted prices and more. I wanted to lay a few things out to help our community understand Tucson Tree Services. Your understanding can help lead to saving money and getting a better service.... this is important. Years ago when we started our franchise in San Diego I learned about a phenomenon that an engineer had come up with. When working for him he explained that a group of friends had discussed the issue at length and stumbled on some new truths that you may find helpful. The basis is that the highest prices in Tree Service or other services are always the worst level of service. Its something I like to call the Lottery effect. When a company gets used to hitting the jackpot or homerun on its jobs they become lazy and almost addicted to the feeling that they didn't exert very much energy but received a great reward. This jackpot way of life leads them to the self image that they are very important and deserve this pay off because they are better. I last week ran into this while meeting someone new who had out a low character high price company here in Tucson. I know the company well and she told me how surprised she was that they left such a mess after charging her 5 times more than I did. This is a story I hear over and over.... The highest prices are the worst service. With that said, your lowest prices that are so low they are scary often are very inexperienced. The sweet spot is in the middle. The guys in the middle offer you the best service and price combination you can hope for. We try to hit that on the head every time at Chris and Amanda's Tree Service! 

Another thing to know about Tree Service in Tucson and about Tucson Arizona in General is that we are a very small market. There is alot of companies that shouldn't be in business here in Tucson. In bigger markets they would be drowned out but in Tucson they get buy with smoke and mirrors. Often their character is so low that it is a wonder people hire them, but often people over ride their gut instinct because the person couldn't be too bad if they have been in business for awhile.... not true. Some of the so called top tree cutters are very untrustworthy putting their pocket book ahead of your best interest. You can often get trusted advise that is only given so that they get work, often this is the case. If what someone is telling you costs money you should be cautious. I often see people who get 10 estimates getting so confused that they no longer know what to do. There is not enough Trusted Tree Companies in Tucson to get 10 estimates, so stick with just a few. If you need a few here is some I have seen act honorably....
Obviously us... 

1. Chris and Amanda's Tree Service! 520-591-9265
2. Romeo Tree Service 520-603-0143
3. Absolutely Trees (520) 818-4455
4. Arizona Tree and Landscape Service 520-790-1505
5. Monstrosity Tree Service 520-230-7131

And this is the end of the list. I wish I could tell you all the bad stories about other services I have experienced but it wouldn't be fair. All I can say is that the above have conducted themselves in a way they can be proud of. Not to say they don't make mistakes but they are people of more character than the rest of your options. GOOD LUCK!

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