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Tree Trimming in Tucson. How to trim a Mesquite tree.

Posted on June 24, 2018 at 2:51 AM
Tree Trimming in Tucson is often an adventure. Over the years I have learned to understand the mistakes that are made when it comes to Trimming multi trunk or branched tree's. Tucson is full of tree's that grow 30 feet wide and only 20 feet tall. So it is important to understand the correct way to trim a tree in Tucson.

Chris and Amanda's Tree Service is a local combination of education and long time Tucson experience's. This history in Tucson has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the harmony between desert, freeze, soil and drought. All of these factors are combined to come up with a complete tree trimming doctrine when it comes to our mesquite's.

Attached is our video about "How to trim a Mesquite Tree in Tucson" 

The video above is informative but if video's are not your thing I will continue to explain the inner workings of how to trim a Mesquite Tree in Tucson, Arizona.

First thing that one must understand is that Trimming Tree's does not make them healthy. Often one believes that if you love your Tree you will trim it and the tree will be happy. Not True. Cutting opens the cambium layer and exposes the tree to micro organisms, the reaction of the tree is to kill that section off. Trimming is good for the tree when done at infancy to train proper branch growth and structural development.

Second thing to consider is that you should attempt to trim your Tucson Tree in a way that you will not have to do it again. With the above said, making educated cuts to train your tree into areas it can grow to maturity is crucial. If a branch will need to be cut year after year it is often beneficial to remove the branch so the tree can dedicate energy to area's that will be allowed to stay.

How to Trim a Mesquite Tree? Native Mesquite Tree's are special and different than the Chilean Mesquite. With that said I will attempt to explain trimming in a way that applies to both. Tucson Tree's need their lower branches. First and foremost, do not remove any major branches off your Mesquite tree unless it is necessary. The lower branches increase health by allowing more moisture to be pulled from the ground and are stagers that help pull through evaporation to a certain point. In addition the lower branches are buffering branches for the wind, slowing it down before it hits the top section, removing lower branches will lollipop your Tree and leave it naked for the wind to leverage it and destroy it. Lower branches point out in the direction the wind is coming from increasing their strength. Also leaving the lower branches will keep your top from growing taller and out of control.

After identifying the need for lower branches you want to clean the center. Cleaning is the removal of deadwood and shoots. Use caution to not lion's tale your branches too far out as removing shoots to far hurts the tree. You see, shoots are in the process of survival of the fittest and removing the higher up ones very possibly is removing a future branch your tree will need.

After cleaning the center your want to layer your tree. This is the removal of minor lower lateral branches off the parent branch that crowd the branch below. Providing a little space will allow room for future growth while allowing would to raise your canopy without removing major branches.

Deadwood in the canopy should be left alone as it is directly related to watering not to trimming. If one wants no deadwood in the outer canopy one should water more. (watch our video "how to water a Tree in Tucson" as it is an education on the difference between a textbook and Tucson)

Crossing branches should be addressed if smaller than 3 inches. Larger ones should not be removed as it can cause structural failure to the branch that was being supported and is often removing too much of the tree's foliage in a given area.

Attention reader! Do not top your branches or attempt to do a crown reduction. Tucson is too dry and cold for this and while phoenix may get away with it, we can not. Reducing the size of your Tree is like asking your 16 year old to stop growing. It's not realistic.

If possible you want to trim your tree with increased water before and after and make proper cuts per ANSI Pruning Standards. While chilean mesquites grow like a weed, our Native Velvet does not and you will ruin an artistic desert survivor if you cut aggressively on a Velvet Mesquite in Tucson.

We hope this information was helpful and that it helps increase the tree IQ of Tucson. While we are still learning we hope to help other catch up and this will make Tucson a better place. It hurts our heart to see tree's destroyed and while everyone makes mistakes we feel like following this basic guideline of How To Trim a Mesquite Tree in Tucson will help all of us care for the old pueblo in a way that will help future generations. By doing our best Tree Trimming Tucson will be better for years to come.

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