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"Jumping Jack Joe" Children's Book in Video Online by C. D. Olson

Posted on September 30, 2018 at 11:14 PM
"Jumping Jack Joe" a Children's Book Online

Author and Tree Service entrepreneur C. D. Olson has a long life story. The son of a Paranoid schizophrenic Mother, adopted at the age of 3 by and Aunt and Uncle, his childhood was spent in deep thought trying to understand his place in life.
 Through this childhood he stumbled onto a book by Shel Silverstein that intrigued his desire to write. Many years later he offers his writings with hopes that others may also be inspired to write. Below is the video version of one of his Children's Book that he posted online.

Jumping Jack Joe has Copyrights Reserved in 2018 but is free for you to enjoy and share in this Online Children's Book format. Our hope is that it will inspire others to give to their community in any way they can.

Chris currently has a home full of love and children that adore him. His wife is his support and encourages him to share his gift with anyone he can. It is our experience that he has an natural ability to put others before himself on all occasions and this is the secret to his success. 

Below is a Text Script of the book should you like to read it to your children.

Jumping Jack Joe by C. D. Olson

Jumping Jack Joe known as the town juggler, 
was shorter than most, just a small little bugger.
His head oh so hairy, he almost looked scary,
missing two teeth that he gave the tooth fairy.

He lived in the town of Wanfussinbluemussin,
and Jack wondered why all his friends he was loosing.
He went to the mirror, full of fear, from his eye came a tear,
he'd had this strange thing now for almost a year.

How his face did contort, as he sat in his tree fort,
on his nose was a wart, of the funny kind sort.
(it's bad enough he was short!)

With friends he can't play, they have mean things to say,
so he juggled all day in his own special way.
Apples, banana's, a kitty cat flew, he juggled a jellyfish with gentleness too,
your face would turn blue of those things he could do.

 Time went on slow, you know how time goes,
that thing on his nose, oh how that thing grows.
He tried to remove it with funny time goop, 
but funny time goop twist his nose in a loop.

All things did he try, he even did buy, 
a face mast for monkey's made out of mud pie.
A mirror with powder puffs pink, red and blue,
just made him look silly oh what could he do?
(should he ask you?)

One day while out walking, Jack heard some birds squawking,
he looked up to see that the mountain was rocking.

Those rock's they did loosen, so Jack started cruising,
to warn all the people of Wanfussinbluemussin.
Running so fast, even birds did he pass,
faster than cars with motors and gas.

"I'll Make it" he said "I know that I will!"
he ran even faster over Wanfussin Hill.
At the top of the hill, with a chill he stood still,
turned around slowly and what he saw made him ill.

The rocks had been tumbling much faster than he,
the sky was all black, only rocks could he see.
One by one they fell down, right by his side,
"what will I do!" his eyes grew so wide.

Jumping Jack Joe knew he had to do something,
so rocks did he grab, and he began a juggling.
A couple a few, juggling rocks as they flew,
big ones and small ones he cared not what he threw.

Ten, twenty, thirty, then hundreds went high,
a circle of rocks all the way to the sky.

With every one, town juggler Jack,
went to the mountain to put the rocks back.
Such sternness of face, he got to the base,
juggling them back, every one in it's place.

Little ones, big ones, three, two and one,
he worked until done when at last he had none.

He turned with a smile and what he saw was amusing,
the townspeople cheered from Wanfussinbluemussin.
They said "what do you know! it's Jumping Jack Joe! 
He saved all of us and our town down below"

New friends hugged him tight, it was quite a sight,
they ran off all playing till day turned to night.

Time soon passed by, and the wart went away,
yes Jack once looked different,
but he looks great today!

Hope you enjoyed this Children's Book Video Online.

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