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How to water a Tree in Tucson, Arizona.

Posted on April 13, 2018 at 12:42 AM
For years we have been fixing tree's for the Tucson Community. Recently I had the opportunity to meet someone who was charged money to have a tree service inject 60 gallons of water in the soil for her tree. At this point I thought it may be helpful to put a large part of what we have done online for you. Tucson is a different place and during my study in Arboriculture I realized how different. Half of what I learned in a book was not applicable in Tucson. Our soil is so hard it changes the common teaching to incorrect. 
First mistake.... 
Watering the drip line. I can not tell you how many people we have helped who have sick or dehydrated tree's that before meeting us had put irrigation in place around the drip line. 1 to 2 years goes by and the tree gets worse until they call us. If you study tree care and the drip line watering plans they assume that the whole circumference is being water. Well, in Tucson if you water the drip line the water never makes it to the root ball which has the most condensed area of roots that you can positively effect. Watering the base in a textbook is a big no no because it will destabilize a tree. Our soil is not destabilized as it is the consistency of cement. With that said, do not water the base in monsoon's because a wet base will allow your tree to go over in a storm much easier. Another text book concern is root rot. As long as you go 2-3 times a week and allow it to dry in between you will have no trouble.

The fact is, Landscapers and some tree cutters have no idea how much water a tree needs in Tucson... Again studying a book won't tell you about studies done in Tucson. Anyhow, Landscapers put 1-5 gallon emitters on your tree and then schedule you for 1 hr a day. So your tree gets 5 gallons at best! not enough. And I have seen so called top arborist in Tucson advise people with starving tree's to water the tree 6 hrs avery 30 days. HA! Then the Tree Owner calls me and we help. This help has happened Thousands of times and sometimes there are other underlying issues that we can help address like insects. So below is our deep soak watering plan. It's pretty basic but may be a big help to you in life. We have suffered such drought over the last 20 years that a little help for our tree's is needed. One thing I learned in study is that over 90% of ALL tree born illness is derived from dehydration. This means that a healthy tree is half the battle.

As always, Hope the below helps.

 Watering Plan 

 Often Tree's need individual watering care depending on Genus, Age and Health. Here in Tucson tree's often have specialized watering needs due our climate and soil conditions. Textbook watering does not work in our climate with hard soil and dry air. We have developed a specialized feeding plan to bring tree's back to life and this is the Watering plan to be followed after that feeding plan. Water for the months of March, April, May, June, September, October and November. If we have an excessively hot summer with little rain you can add water during those times but you want to stay away from watering during Monsoon season as watering the soil will soften the area leaving your tree open to blowing over in a Microburst. Your watering should consist of leaving a hose trickle at the base of the tree overnight 2-3 nights a week for the months listed above depending on how sick your tree is. Before you do that you want to soak the fresh ground mulch, we put in, excessively to bleed down nutrition. It is important to watch your tree's health while watering and make sure soil dries between waterings. Other things to look for are leaf scorch, leaf discoloration or wilting can be signs of water deficiencies. Remember that tree's do not get healthy overnight, do not loose heart because your tree does not bounce back in 30 day. Spring growth is derived from fall nutrition and often the watering you are doing now is going to pay dividends the following year. Follow our plan closely as we have watched 1000's of tree's show amazing results taking them off deaths door and making them a vital part of your life again.
As always we are hear to help, please call or email with any questions.
Chris and Amanda Owner/Arborist 

Chris and Amanda's Tree Service 
 1078 N SWAN RD 
TUCSON, AZ 85711 
Offering Tucson great Tree Trimming and Tree Service!

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