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Leading Tree Arborist in Tucson, Arizona.

A Tree Arborist in Tucson, Arizona is one who has devoted his/her life to the study and advancement of Arboriculture. That is True of Chris and Amanda's Tree Service in Tucson Arizona. Having come from a Family of Tree Services that provide Tree Trimming, Tree Removal and Tree Planting in Tucson, Arizona. All of which have put in upwards of 20 years of Tree Service for Tucson, Arizona advancing the knowledge of Tree Care in Tucson, Arizona to a science. For years we were good, but at the point we became Certified Tree Care Specialist and took our education to compete with Master Board certified Arborist in one of the largest Tree Cities in the world we became great.

To see our Local experience and education in action just watch our free video's (over 50) on Chris and Amanda’s Tucson Facebook page and YouTube Tucson Tree Service channel that gives Tucson, Arizona an Advanced Tree Care Library of DIY and How To Arboriculture advice that only a Native and Long Time Tucsonan like Chris and Amanda can give.

We have taken Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona beyond Tree Trimming, Tree Removal and Tree Planting. Our staff is Family owned and operated with a focus on Tree Biology and Morphology. Memorizing Scientific and Latin names of plants is not high on our list of things to do. What is high on our list is giving you the best in Tree Service for Tucson, Arizona when it comes to the health and long term plan for your tree.

I will tell you a story. Recently I was called out to an estimate and found that one of Tucson, Arizona's Certified Arborist had been there. I will not disclose which Tree Service from Tucson, Arizona this was. I went on to see the work and what had resulted. I was shocked to find 2 dead tree's in need of Professional Tree Removal. With this Tree Arborist's education he was un able to save the tree's as they died 1 year after he did his advanced feeding and watering plan. I explained the apparent problems in his system to the customer and they argued with me about my opinion and the conversation resulted in me leaving the property having to let them that I am not the Tree Arborist in Tucson, Arizona for them. The point of this story is this, we have taken our education and adapted it to Tucson's eco system. I could care less about what works around the rest of the world and what I studied in my schooling, Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona is different in all ways. We never would have known that if our full Tree Service company offering Tree Removal, Tree Trimming and Tree Planting hadn't went to other States and competed with the best Tree Arborist's in markets full of millions of people. We also did come to realize that we are native Tucsonian's belonging in this city and will live out the rest of our years and die here. When we came back from Our Tree Service franchising venture I could see very clearly the flaws in Textbook Tree Service for Tucson, Arizona and began to adapt a different philosophy of Tree Care including how we do Tree Trimming, Tree Planting, Tree Removal and more.

What has resulted is the saving of 1,000's of Tree's in Winterhaven, Midtown, Foothills, University of Arizona and more.

At times it has not been fun blazing our own path, being attacked by many, including the U of A students studying Horticulture. Textbook education is important but without having done nearly 1 million Tree Service jobs in Tucson, Arizona, they lack the ability to understand the real life application. It's kind of like Engineering that needs to go hand in hand with a Methodical Engineering team to implement the process of completion. 4 years ago I started to see Pine Bark Beetle Larvae in pine tree's when I would cut them down. I took pictures and wrote blogs but was told how wrong I was by one of the U of A teacher's because those beetles are not in Tucson, Arizona according to them. So I took my real life experience and shared it with our customers and continued to try to what is right for our customers trees. Last week a letter went out to all of Tucson Country Club stating that Pine Bark Beetles are in the area and many of my now friends who I work for called me. Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona needs more than a book. Around the same time those same teachers were telling people who questioned that an illness called "rush"? was to blame for the pine death and to flood ones yard to bring the pine back to life. This tree I am speaking of was brown and when I cut it down I clearly showed the customer the larvae, holes and evidence of beetles. I am not a smarter Tree Arborist than the Teachers at the U of A. Having done advance Tree Removal, Tree Trimming and Tree Planting in Tucson, Arizona I have compiled Hundred's of Thousands of jobs, each of which goes into my decision when it comes to Tree Service and Tree Evaluation.

We are not the most perfect Tree Arborist in Tucson, Arizona but we do understand Tree Morphology and Biology very well. Our weakness would be plant identification as we do not know Thousands of Genus and Scientific names to make us sound smart. Maybe that is the problem I have run into when it comes to impressive Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona. Some other people use Latin names that make them sound like and Educated Tree Arborist's, while I talk sense. This sits well in the hearts of many but some want their Tree Arborist in Tucson, Arizona to have that overwhelming book knowledge. I have book knowledge and certificates of studies in the Field of Tree Care to include Tree Planting, Tree Trimming and Tree Removal in Tucson, Arizona. We have combined that with years of Tucson experience and with other region Tree Service experience coming up with some profound information that will help you, your landscape and your tree's

Tree Removal Service Tucson in Tucson, Arizona is the leader in Full Tree Service. We have the latest Tree Removal techniques and offer affordable Licensed Tree Trimming and Tree Planting for Tucson, Arizona. Our entire tree cutting team is committed to giving you the best option available. Tree cutting involves many areas of the tree. Sometimes you need a Tree Removal Service, Tree Planting Service or Tree Trimming Service for Tucson, Arizona Landscape. No matter what your need we have Tree Care down to a science in Tucson, Arizona.

Look around in the world today and you will often see the dishonest thrive in business and they are often applauded for their economic prowess. What happened to hard work and a hand shake? If you are looking for that old fashion tradition, with modern day abilities you will find it in a Certified Arborist in Des Moines, Iowa. We hope to be the ones you can trust for honest advice when it comes to your plants.

Call our family office manager and ask to set up your Free Estimate by our leading Tree Arborist. This will be your first step towards a new yard! You can't go wrong with this Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona. We have advance Tree Removal, Tree Planting and Tree Trimming options for you. We are looking forward to your call and look forward to meeting you at our first availability.

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