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Dead Pine Tree’s in Tucson, Arizona!

Tucson, Arizona is going through an epidemic of Dead Pine Tree’s. Our community is ravished to the point that people are left asking “what happened?” This stems from lack of education provided by the City of Tucson. Recently we have had Private investigators call us because on neighbor thinks that the other neighbor poisoned their Pine Tree. Others are in denial at the fact that their Pine Tree is dead while some refuse to accept the diagnosis for death. All of this is stemmed from Lack of Education provided for the Tucson Community.

Here at Chris and Amanda’s Tree Service we have, for years, taken it upon ourselves to give Tucson any information we might have. In 2009 when we saw the first Pine Bark Beetle Larvae in Tucson, Arizona we screamed it from the rooftops, only to be told by the higher ups that “there is no Pine Bark Beetle in Tucson”. Our Reputation took a hit but in the long run, those who knew us, realized that we had been right the whole time. 

Well the time has come again to scream from the rooftops!

Chris and Amanda’s Tree Service is Tucson’s leader inPine Tree Removal but hope that we will not have to. We are committed to getting the information out there for Tucson. So below is our take on the whole Dead Pine Tree epidemic and we hope it helps Tucson. Years ago when we creamed our voice was not as loud, but now, we have a great megaphone and are going to use it.

There is 2 reasons you have a Dead Pine Tree in Tucson.

1. Dehydration leading to over 90% off all tree born illness. Your Pine Tree is dehydrated. Our Tucson Drought is killing your tree. Pine Tree’s have a root that if the outer end stops finding moisture the whole root will die. This means that your pine tree is in trouble. Will a good Rain fix it? NO. It takes 2 years of consistent nutrition for a tree to change its path of decline to health and growth. It takes time to store moisture in the trunk and roots, it doesn’t happen over night. If your pine is still alive or you have another that is still alive I recommend the following videos. How to water a Tree in Tucson and How to Mulch a Tree in Tucson. Following the advice given will give you the information needed to combat reason number 1.

2. Pine Bark Beetle in Tucson.This is the number one killer of Pine Tree’s in Tucson right now. You have the Pine Bark Beetle. “But I can’t see the holes?” They are there, often in the top of the tree and very hard to see. A Dead Pine Tree in Tucson It is a difficult pill to swallow and even harder since there is no education push in Tucson and the online information is confusing and contradictory. Watch this video to make sense of the Pine Bark Beetle in Tucson. Bottom line is that you need to get in the habit of treating your Pine Tree every year with a systemic insecticide. “But I read online the U of A and Forestry say it doesn’t work?” THEY ARE WRONG - SAVE YOUR TREE! Use a double dose of BAYER Protect and Feed Liquid and water it in slowly afterwards using our watering plan. If you have 1 dead pine tree and 2 live one’s, treat the live ones ASAP.

I see Dead Pine Tree’s in Tucson everywhere I go! It’s time to spread the word and help our neighbors. Sitting back and loosing all of our tree’s is irresponsible and a responsible treatment done correctly with adequate watering according to our new Tree Care Rules in Tucson will help you save your Tree. We have always been the Tree Service Tucson can trust and now we are hopefully going to help you prevent a Tree Removal in Tucson, Arizona.

Some extra tips we have for you are ....

1. Do not engage in Tucson Tree Trimming Service during this time on your Pine Tree. The stress of cutting only adds to the problem and more than that it is a waste of your money to pay for Pine Tree Trimming in Tucson when you may need Tucson Tree Removal in a matter of months.

2. Do not listen to other Arborist’s who claim to be the best at Tree Care in Tucson. We are here to tell you, book smart big word Arborist’s in Tucson are getting it wrong when it comes to Watering your Tree, Pine Bark Beetle, Treatment and much more. Textbook Tree Service does not apply to Tucson. Watch our video series and see how our hard soil, drought, heat combined with freeze makes a uniques situation that demands a new set of Books for Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona.

3. Move fast! The time to fix your tree is now! These pine tree’s are dying in 60 days and if you have a dead on already you could be well on your way.

4. Inform your neighbors! Send this page link to them, tell them help them. This is a community effort to save our Tree’s. They need your help. Some may choose not to treat and water but at least you gave them the information and a choice!

Chris and Amanda’s Tree Service want’s to thank you for all your support! Our local history has lead to this point, helping our community. It is up to us, those of us who have been here forever, to help Tucson in it’s time of need. We can’t expect people who just moved here to know what’s going on. Let’s join together and help each other. Please remember that we are always here for your Tree Trimming, Tree Removal and Tree Service in Tucson.

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