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Licensed Contractor in Tucson

Why is that important to you?

The State of Arizona does not break down the Landscape Licensing into a smaller Trade License for Tree Trimmers so most times when you hire a Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona they are not Licensed but working as a Gardener. 

his means that if you have a problem with them during Tree Removal, or Tree Trimming the State will not step in to help. That is why we pride ourselves in carrying ROC Licensing along with Bond and Full Insurance Coverage! #320536

(check our License status here)

What does and ROC License Provide? This is a normal question that one may have. Licensing with the ROC provides an Arbitrator for the Customer. This is like your own Judge and Attorney rolled up in one. If something happens you have a state defendant that will be right out to look into the case. Secondly ROC licensing in Arizona provides confidence in The contractor. You can hire a ROC Licensed contractor and know that they have been Tested for Trade and Business knowledge, provided a bond and payed into the recovery fund, declared proper insurances, been background checked and the contracting company has been looked into to be in good standing with our community.

The ROC Hardscaping Landscape License is needed for Landscape construction, irrigation, tree jobs over 1,000$, Stump grinding and Removal. But to trim a tree under 1,000$ there is no license as it is under the Handyman clause. Many a company have developed into large Tree Services in Tucson without Licensing but most will at some point realize the need for ROC Licensing.

One of the things you want to watch for is a company that says they are Licensed but is not. A very simple contractor search on the ROC Website will turn up the truth.

If the Tree Removal or Tree Trimming company you are dealing with is misleading you about Licensing, do you think you can trust them when they say they are insured? That is why we pride ourselves at Chris and Amanda’s Tree Service in having a stellar track record that allows our customers to hire us with confidence knowing that we stand behind our work and are ROC Licensed, Bonded and Fully Insured. All of these factors make it prudent of a Tree Owner to seek out a Top Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona.

Don’t forget to watch our free video's (over 60) on YouTube Tucson Tree Service channel that gives Tucson a Tree Service Library of DIY and How To advice that only Chris and Amanda, a Native and Long Time Tucsonan can give.

Over the year's we have advanced our craft and coverage, advancing beyond the normal Tree Service's that one may expect offering Tree Trimming by a trained Arborist and Tree Planting according to ISA regulations. Our past experience of trying to franchise this company name put us in a market with over 1,000 Licensed Tree Service contractors and taught us what it takes to compete against the best Tree Arborist in the country. Our goal is to treat you like family, and Licensing helps us do that by protecting you for your Tree Removal, Tree Trimming or Tree Planting job in Tucson, Arizona.

Here at Chris and Amanda's Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona we are ROC Licensed in Arizona (we are 35 year Tucsonians). Offering the best Tree Service in Tucson. We also provide Tree Trimming, Tree Removal and Tree Planting in Tucson, Arizona. Our staff of Tree Arborist, Tree Climbers, Tree Trimmers and Landscapers are Trained in the latest techniques and offer the best value for Tree Removal in Tucson, Arizona. We are the top home grown Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona and have invested back into the community through charity as evidenced by using our Tree Removal equipment to help remove the Oleander's at the Tucson Zoo after the Giraffe died. Our reputable Tree Service has worked for 10's of Thousands in Tucson, Arizona and are trusted by some of the most reputable institutions. Our hope is that we have a chance to offer you the best Tree Removal, Tree Trimming and Tree Planting in Tucson, Arizona by an qualified Contractor.

Our Goal in life is to be the best that we can be. Along with this we attempt to get the best out of all those who work with us. This level of dedication ends up showing through in all we do and the end result is that you get a better product. We do not want to be the ones who take advantage of people, but instead try to help better your life through the improvement of your yard. Our staff is first class with Tree Arborist from Tucson, Arizona.

Being a family company we look forward to making you part of our family. Our service will be done with the same level of integrity that we use on our own properties. You can trust that we will try our best on every job we do with Tree Care in Tucson, Arizona.

For years those providing Tree Trimming in Tucson, Arizona often are not able to provide the best Tree Removal in Tucson, Arizona. Those days are gone as Tree Removal Service Tucson has found a way to be the top full Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona offering the above, Tree Planting and more!

Don't take my word for it, read our over 100 Angies List Reviews, or look around online to see how our reputation proceeds us. If online is not your thing just call our Family line and we will come out and give you written references while we give you your Free estimate for Tree Trimming, Tree Removal or Tree Planting. You can't go wrong with a company that is Fully Insured offering you a full Tree Service in Tucson, Arizona.

Call for your professional to come give you a free estimate for Tree Trimming, Tree Removal or Tree Planting in Tucson, Arizona!

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